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"My fellow Precursors set endless challenges in your path. Artifacts. Creatures. Don't get me started on the Olympos project. Their meddling got out of hand."
Aletheia, voicing her disdain for her fellow Isu and the Olympos Project[src]

The Olympos Project was a scientific exercise by the Isu Juno and her husband Aita to develop a series of hybrid beasts, using abducted humans as guinea-pigs and powered by purpose-built Precursor relics: the Atlantis artifacts. The project aimed at creating living weapons to strike fear into the hearts of Humans as tensions were escalating between the Isu and their servants.[1]

The Project was largely successful, with its creations long outlasting the Isu themselves and becoming legends in Greek culture. Aletheia, the Dikastes of Atlantis who stopped Juno and Aita back in the time, later documented her knowledge of the project in her messages located in the Gateway to the Lost City of Atlantis. These messages were later reviewed by Pythagoras and his daughter Kassandra during the 5th century BCE.[2] Aletheia also used the memories of her investigation to create a simulation which allowed Kassandra and Layla Hassan to witness the genesis of the Olympos Project.[3]

Known confirmed creations

Unconfirmed creations




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