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"I should thank you, Miss Frye. I feared death at the Ripper's hands far more than at yours."
―Owers during her final moments, 1888.[src]

Olwyn Owers (1847 – 1888), born Mary Williams, was the wife of Thomas Owers and an ally of the British Assassin-turned-serial killer Jack the Ripper.

As Lady O, she headed several brothels in London, using the prostitutes in her employ to entrap clients by learning their secrets and taking compromising photographs. Publicly, however, Owers presented herself as an altruistic noblewoman that sought to save 'fallen women'.[1]


Early life

Born in the East End of London, Mary Williams grew up poor and illiterate, though her street smarts compensated for what she lacked in formal education. To make ends meet, she ran a fried fish and potatoes stall in the slums of Clement St. Danes, supplementing her income as a dealer in second-hand clothing.[2]

However, Williams quickly found prostitution to be a more profitable alternative, learning the trade at the Gracechurch Street brothel. There she also seduced Thomas Owers, a rich and well-connected solicitor. Despite having reportedly been married twice, she eventually moved in with Mister Owers, and took on the name Olwyn Owers.[3] She subsequently became known to the public as a philanthropist that endeavored to save the prostitutes of Whitechapel and City of London and give them a decent life.[2]

In truth, Owers was taking over brothels and running them herself, using sensitive information procured by the women in her employ to blackmail powerful clients. To this end, she ended up owning the establishments on Gracechurch Street, Ludgate Hill, and Buck's Row. The Owers Manor became a regular host to scandalous parties for members of "The Cannibal Club", an elite men's club associated with London's Anthropological Society, and others.

Lieutenant of Jack the Ripper

"Smile and be polite, or I'll tell the Ripper where you sleep, my beauties."
―Owers threatening her girls, 1888.[src]
ACS The Unfortunates 5

Owers threatening her prostitutes

Owers at some point became affiliated with Jack the Ripper, using her network of prostitutes to keep him apprised of developments within the city. At the beginning of November of 1888, she gave a speech during a public gathering at the Kenway Mansion, thanking those that had contributed to her efforts in saving the local prostitutes. As the audience applauded, Owers spotted the Assassin Evie Frye amongst the crowd and hurriedly departed in a carriage.[1]

While her men used Nellie, one of the women in her employ, to distract and delay Evie, Owers left to the manor. After ordering her butler to alert the guards, she began destroying the incriminating documents in her chambers, but was interrupted in this endeavor by her husband Thomas, who claimed to have "a most delicious surprise" for her.[4]


Owers chastised Thomas for disturbing her, at which point Evie, who had used Thomas to reach Owers' chambers, sprang forward and stabbed Owers in the abdomen with her Hidden Blade. In her final moments, Owers revealed that Jack the Ripper would soon go after Arthur Weaversbrook, a British newspaper proprietor.[4]


  • Olwyn means 'white footprint' from Welsh ol 'footprint, track' and gwen 'white, fair, blessed'.




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