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"I wonder where I'll go when I am done with this place? Back home, to France, where my family is gone and my face forgotten? Or find some new territory where no-one knows me? I wonder what would be the best course of action... this day is not upon me yet, but I know I won't grow old in these islands..."
―Olivier Levasseur.[src]

Oliver Levasseur (c. 1688 – 1730), better known as La Buse (English: The Buzzard) or La Bouche (English: The Mouth), was a French privateer-turned-pirate of the Caribbean.

Levasseur left a cryptogram indicating the location of his treasure, which was sought by many, including his fellow pirate and friend Alonzo Batilla.


Early life

"This is my first and last letter. You left without a word, even to your mother. I resent this cruel gesture, but time has quelled my anger and taught me the true meaning of your exile. I hope you find what you are looking for. It is not money, nor love, for you had those when you were among us. I can only guess you are after something else, something we could never provide. The promise of adventure..."
―A letter to Levasseur from one of his relatives.[src]

Olivier Levasseur was born around 1688 to a wealthy and loving family. At the outbreak of the War of Spanish Succession, he acquired a letter of marque, and became a privateer for Louis XIV of France. Captaining the sloop Le Postillon, Levasseur left his family behind abruptly, looking for adventure in the West Indies. After the end of the war, Levasseur was ordered to return to France, but decided to stay in the New World, joining Benjamin Hornigold's pirate gang. Levasseur's crew consisted mainly of French sailors and freed slaves, but an unknown person kept Hornigold from acting against him. Levasseur soon became a man wanted for several acts of piracy, and was noted for his cunning and danger. Around this time, Levasseur also took on a married woman of the colonies as his mistress. Despite his active role as a pirate, Levasseur knew that he did not intend to end his days in the West Indies.

Meeting Alonzo

In June 1716, Levasseur attacked a merchant ship at Devil's Rock. He ordered the captain, Barnes, to provide him with new crew members. Levasseur took on two prisoners as his recruits: Alonzo Batilla, a French pirate, and Jumao, an escaped slave. Seeing promise in Alonzo, Levasseur gave him command of a gunboat called the Serpent, and told him to meet with him at Scorpion Reef once he had mastered the vessel.

Some time later, Alonzo met with Levasseur. He informed the novice captain of a schooner called the Wanderer, which would be suitable as a new command. Avoiding a Royal Navy brig and taking out the escort ships, Alonzo was able to capture the schooner. As Alonzo was about to attack the brig, Levasseur intervened, warning him that Hornigold forbade attacking the Royal Navy. Alonzo disregarded this advice, and plundered the brig. Suggesting that he and Levasseur sail together as pirates to make their own fortune, Levasseur refused, claiming that few pirates ever had their hopes fulfilled. After Levasseur sailed away, Alonzo caught up with him again. Impressed by the young man's persistence, Levasseur told him that they would meet west of Hispaniola.

Working with Bellamy

As agreed, Alonzo met with Levasseur a month later near Bahía de Guadiana. Levasseur told Alonzo that they would attend a meeting at a cove with members of Hornigold's pirate confederation, although the latter was surprised by the large presence of Royal Navy ships. Levasseur told him that Hornigold believed himself to be continuing the interests of the British crown, and thus refused to attack any of their ships. Disregarding his leader's rules, Levasseur instructed Alonzo to sink any British ships near the cove. With the ships out of the way, Levasseur and Alonzo sailed to the meeting, intending to make the latter a member of the confederation.

Arriving, they witnessed the pirates deposing Hornigold as the leader, dissatisfied with his loyalty towards the British crown. His place was taken by Samuel Bellamy, a charismatic, well-dressed Englishman. After Alonzo had escorted Hornigold away from the pirates, Levasseur advised the novice captain to participate in one of Bellamy's plots, suspecting it to be highly profitable.

The treasure fleet

"Alonzo has proved to be the boldest of captains, but Sam has changed these past months. He used to be carefree, but now he acts like a man on a mission. What is he after that he cannot share with us? Who is he working for? Will he betray us and keep all our glorious plunder to himself?"
―Levasseur in his journal.[src]

Four months later, Levasseur met with Alonzo and Bellamy at Florida Keys. Bellamy told the former two that they would plunder the Spanish Treasure Fleet. After Alonzo had destroyed the escorts to one of the galleons, Bellamy found out that the galleon was a decoy, and urged him to attack the rest of the convoy immediately. This caused Levasseur to question Bellamy's true motives. While attacking the convoy, Alonzo in turn was attacked by the Royal Navy captain Francis Hume. Levasseur arrived in time to distract Hume's frigate, allowing Alonzo to escape.

Some time later that day, Levasseur returned to Alonzo, informing him of the battle with Hume and Bellamy's sudden disappearance. Alonzo wished to retaliate against the Royal Navy, and on Levasseur's advice, he sank fifteen British ships with a mortar placed on a lighthouse. After returning to Levasseur, Alonzo referred to him as a friend. Levasseur claimed to have no interest in friends, proclaiming his intent to retire away from the Caribbean with his plundered riches. Alonzo assured him that his mind would change eventually.

Having noticed Bellamy's strange behaviour, Levasseur noted in his journal that he suspected Bellamy of being on a mission, and wondered if the Englishman intended to betray his fellow pirates.

Capturing the Whydah

"I have found the best way to keep my bounty hidden from greedy eyes. An alphabet, a set of symbols and icons no-one will be able to decipher. And even if they do, they won't understand what it all means. I only need one mind to figure it out. One man that I could fully trust with my best secrets..."
―Levasseur in his journal, 1717.[src]

In February 1717, Levasseur was ambushed by the Royal Navy, forcing him to leave his gold and wishes for retirement behind. At this time, Alonzo and Bellamy were preparing to capture the ship of Laurens Prins, the Whydah. Alonzo arrived in time to rescue Levasseur, and convinced him to assist him in taking the Whydah. After Prins had been cornered and surrendered, the three pirates searched the hold, and Bellamy found his prize, the Fragment of Eden. He told Alonzo and Levasseur of its power, and that the men who were after him were Templars. He claimed that the Templars would use the artifact to control humanity.

With Bellamy taking the Whydah, Alonzo and Levasseur escorted him, until they were attacked by the Templar Hume again, this time captaining a Man O' War, the King George. At this time, the legendary Edward Thatch arrived and crippled the Templar's ship. Alonzo was then able to sink it and kill Hume.

After the battle, Bellamy entrusted the Fragment to Alonzo, with Bellamy himself intending to draw the Templars away from it. Levasseur then told Alonzo that he had a plan to ensure that no one would ever use the Fragment, but refused to share the plan with him. In his journal, Levasseur wrote his plan. He would make a cryptogram revealing the location of the Fragment, using a unique set of symbols and icons that would only be known by Alonzo.

Levasseur received a letter from Bellamy shortly afterwards. While noting that the Whydah had been greatly strengthened after its capture, Bellamy expressed the fear that the Templars would eventually catch up with him, and that they would not show mercy when that time came.

Despite having taken on the duty of hiding the Fragment, Levasseur admitted in his journal that he did not understand the need to do so. Rather, he felt tempted to use it, since he would not have to risk the lives of his men or even fight to take prizes.

The Pirate Republic

"We are not safe in Nassau. The home of the pirate republic is free of influence of Spain, England, and France but another worm has found its way into the fruit. Templars. The men chasing Bellamy, the men who are after our treasure... working from the shadows to gain control of the world. They are everywhere. Not only among armies and empires, also among pirates..."
―Levasseur in his journal, 1717.[src]

Three months after the capture of the Whydah, Levasseur met with Alonzo near Nassau, the former intending to hide the Fragment in the Pirate Republic established there. On their way, the pair met the pirate Charles Vane, who Levasseur immediately distrusted. After racing to the harbor, Alonzo and Levasseur met Christopher Condent, a pirate managing the republic in the absence of Hornigold and Thatch. While Alonzo set out to plunder a British convoy to gather supplies for the ailing republic, Levasseur stayed behind to protect the Fragment.

However, Levasseur soon learned that the Templars had also infiltrated the Pirate Republic, Condent being one himself. Therefore, he left with the artifact, leaving behind a map for Alonzo. Following the map, Alonzo found a chest containing the cryptogram. When lit up, the map revealed a drawing of the island La Boca del Diablo.

Protecting the Fragment of Eden

"I have wanted to use our treasure, the Fragment of Eden as Bellamy called it, but I fear what may happen when I do... an object powerful enough to control men's minds, to bend their wills to mine. There will be no need to fight, no need to take risks or sacrifice the lives of my men. Any ship, no matter its size and guns, will be mine... Why should I deprive myself of such a tool? Why does it have to stay hidden?"
―Levasseur in his journal, 1717.[src]

Near La Boca del Diablo, the Templars led by Barnes attacked Le Postillon, destroying the ship. Using the Fragment, Levasseur killed the men and stole one of their ships, leaving behind only a codex for translating the cryptogram. Having followed Levasseur's trail, Alonzo attacked Barnes' vessel and took the codex. Translating the cryptogram, Alonzo learned that Levasseur was sailing for Mayaguana, intending to leave the West Indies.

In December 1717, Alonzo sailed to Mayaguana. Meeting Hornigold, he tailed him to a Templar meeting with Condent and Barnes. When the latter was shot for failing to acquire the Fragment from Levasseur, Alonzo attacked the Templars and routed them. In his dying words, Barnes told Alonzo that Levasseur would most likely have headed to Harbour Island, an island populated by pirates and corrupt merchants, and the perfect place to disappear.

In March 1718, Alonzo sailed to Harbour Island in the hope to find his friend. However, through the island's deputy governor Richard Thompson, Alonzo learned that Levasseur had joined Thatch's crew and was on his way to Charleston in South Carolina. Going after them and catching up with Thatch's ship, Alonzo was eventually reunited with Levasseur who intended to leave the West Indies with the artifact and needed Alonzo to find a ship for him.

Leaving the Caribbean

Alonzo: "What now? Are you ready to sail across the ocean?"
Levasseur: "Not yet, friend. I still need your help... to keep our promise to Bellamy!"
Alonzo: "The relic is not safe?"
Levasseur: "I hid the Fragment of Eden, but Hornigold and Condent are actively searching for it! The West Indies are being tamed, Alonzo... Sooner or later, the relic will fall into Templar hands!"
Alonzo: "I won't let it happen. We'll take it far from here! The Templars will never find it!"

—Levasseur warning Alonzo about the safety of the Fragment of Eden[src]

Five months later, Alonzo and Levasseur sailed to the Caicos Islands to find a ship for the latter. Since he planned to leave the Caribbean for good, Levasseur needed a ship that was suitable to cross the Atlantic Ocean. The two pirates spotted a Portuguese galleon and captured the ship without damaging it.

Expecting him to departure, Levasseur told Alonzo that the Fragment of Eden was still not safe in the West Indies and that Hornigold and Condent were actively searching for it. Keeping their promise to Bellamy to safeguard the object, the two went to the cave where Levasseur had hidden the artifact.

After retrieving the Fragment from the secret location, they were ambushed by Condent's ship, who demanded the pirates to hand over the artefact. Because Condent's ship was much stronger, Levasseur told Alonzo to use the power of the artifact to boost the weapons and the speed of his vessel. Alonzo sank the vessel of the Templar, but as soon as he had defeated Codent, Levasseur spotted a new threat on the horizon.

A British war fleet led by the pirate hunter Woodes Rogers suddenly appeared. The King's pardon had expired and the British fleet came to hunt down remaining pirates.

Alonzo proposed a plan; he would delay the fleet, while Levasseur was to hide the Fragment of Eden. Levasseur told Alonzo that it would mean his doom, but the young pirate was determined to keep the Templars away from the Fragment. Levasseur then fled aboard the Portuguese galleon, telling Alonzo that if something would go wrong, he'd find a way to tell him where the artefact would be located. Alonzo then boldy attacked the Royal navy, delaying the fleet and giving Levasseur time to flee with the Piece of Eden.


Following his death, many people attempted to find Levasseur's treasure, not knowing what it contained. In 2013, Abstergo Industries, a Templar front, had their entertainment subsidiary look for the Fragment of Eden. One of their research analysts relived the memories of Alonzo Batilla in order to find the artifact.




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