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Olivier: "(The young lady) is at a private soirée. In her honor. At the palace."
Arno: "A party? I wasn't invited."
Olivier: "Neither were the horses."
—Olivier and Arno Dorian, 1789.[src]
The Estates General 1

Olivier speaking with Arno

Olivier was the majordomo of François de la Serre.

He often expressed a sincere disliking of his master's ward, Arno Dorian, a known troublemaker. Many times, Olivier intended to report the young man to the authorities for his mischief, though he would usually be talked down by de la Serre. Olivier would also frequently assign Arno to menial duties, such as brushing the horses.

It is unknown what happened to Olivier following de la Serre's murder, but by the time of Arno's return to Versailles in 1794, he could no longer be found at the de la Serre's residence.




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