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"I'd be lying if I told you we weren't worried when we were ousted from our old place, but the Lord works in mysterious ways."
―Oliver to Connor on their eviction.[src]-[m]

Oliver, also known as Ollie to his wife Corrine and friend Godfrey, was an innkeeper for the Mile's End who resided within the Davenport Homestead during the American Revolution.[1] He and Corrine provided the community with alcoholic beverages and cooked food, which could later be sold or crafted to raise income.[2]


Arrival at the Homestead

Oliver and his wife met the Assassin Connor after they had brought a wagon of ale to the Homestead, after they had been evicted from their inn at Boston. On the recommendation of the Homestead's residents, who appreciated the alcohol and good company, Connor agreed to put forth the money for the construction of a tavern on the Homestead, welcoming Corrine and Oliver to stay. The tavern and inn was then dubbed the "Mile's End", and was used for bed and board.[1]

As they settled into the rural community, the couple revealed that they were faring very well between the income received from the sailors from the Aquila, the residents of the Homestead, and the travelers passing through. Oliver confided in Connor that he had been frightened after having been ousted from his former home, but explained that the Lord "works in mysterious ways," which ultimately allowed him to arrive on the Homestead.[3]

Meeting Timothy

The Mile's End would later attract a weary traveler by the name of Timothy, who revealed himself to hail from London, but assured those present that he was not a colleague of the King's, but merely a pastor wishing to preach the word of God to the colonial settlers. During this time, Timothy requested bed and board from Oliver and Corrine, who heartily agreed.[4]

In order to support the pastor, who wished for a church to lead his flock, Connor contributed the money for it to be built. This pleased the innkeepers especially, as Corrine claimed that both she and Oliver had been missing their Sunday Mass, and that Timothy's arrival suited them greatly.[4]

Assisting David Walston

After hosting Norris and Myriam's wedding reception,[5] Oliver encountered a British scout on the Homestead. Oliver apprehended him, aiming a pistol at his head, while David Walston stood watch. Connor arrived, and the scout claimed to be searching for a man named "Big Dave" and that he was alone.[6]

However, Connor soon spotted a second scout, who fled. Connor gave chase, killing him, but not before the first scout had incapacitated Oliver, threw sand in David's eyes, and escaped.[6] David then stated that they should soon expect company as a result, and his beliefs were confirmed not long after.[7]


  • It is revealed that Oliver was illiterate, as he required Father Timothy's help to read a letter from Oliver's mother. The letter mentioned how she had recovered from illness, much to Oliver and Corrine's delight, as Oliver had expected her to have succumbed to it.
  • When Warren wished to give Prudence a gift, he went to the Mile's End, where Oliver suggested having Corrine create a squirrel-skin hat for her. Warren was reluctant, as he didn't think Prudence would enjoy having a wild animal skin on her head.
  • It is revealed that Oliver smoked a pipe, as he was seen puffing on one outside of the Mile's End.




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