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The Old Necropolis was a necropolis located in the mountains of Sinai above the Klysma Quarry during the 1st century BCE.


Some time before 38 BCE, a man who fashioned himself as an incarnation of the Egyptian god Seth took up residence within the necropolis. There he desecrated and cannibalized the corpses within, laughing and howling. This caused rumours to spring up that the necropolis was haunted.[1]

In 38 BCE, the Hidden One Bayek of Siwa heard the local busker, Haganu, sing about the haunted necropolis, and decided to see if he could help "all the dead who cannot enter the afterlife". On his way to the necropolis, Bayek came across an old man, Demet, leading a horse with a mummified corpse on its back. The old man intended to bury his wife, but the stories he'd heard about the necropolis terrified him. Bayek offered his help, and Demet agreed.[1]

When Bayek reached the necropolis, he heard screams echo from within. He laid the mummy of Demet's wife on the ground, and explored the tomb until he came upon the man calling himself Set. The man attacked Bayek, and the Hidden One killed him, ending the rumoured haunting and the desecration of the corpses.[1]




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