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The home in Sparta

The Old Home was a residence located within the polis Sparta in Lakonia, Greece.


The place was where Leonidas had raised Myrrine and where she in turn raised her children Kassandra and Alexios. After the apparent death of both Kassandra and Alexios in 446 BCE, and Myrrine leaving Sparta, Nikolaos lived there for a while. After he went missing in Megaris, the house was claimed by the government, awaiting the return of Stentor, Nikolaos' adopted son, from the Peloponnesian War.[1]

When both Myrrine and Kassandra returned to Sparta, and visited their former home in around 429 BCE, Brasidas met them and told them what had happened. He also had an idea on how Myrrine and Kassandra could reclaim their citizenship as well as their former home.[1]





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