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AC4 Old Avery

The Old Avery

The Old Avery was a tavern located in Nassau during the third Golden Age of Piracy. It was commonly frequented by many infamous pirates, including Benjamin HornigoldEdward ThatchMary Read and Edward Kenway. The group met here after Kenway began his captaining career in 1715, and later when the city was in dire need of medicines in 1718. 

The most popular drinking establishment in Nassau, the tavern was named after the famous pirate Henry Avery, and was a favorite spot to recruit crew members, play games such as fanarona and checkers, and often learn the locations of nearby naval fleets or cadavers holding treasure maps. Edward also met the local Assassin bureau leader Upton Travers here, and assisted a drunken Travers in a brawl before leading him to safety. 

Before becoming Edward Kenway's quartermaster, Anne Bonny worked as a barmaid at the tavern. It was here that she was recruited into piracy by Read in the guise of James Kidd, and eventually joined Jack Rackham's crew.

According to an Abstergo Entertainment researcher, the tavern was burned to the ground in the 1750s, presumably by a disgruntled pirate.