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PL Truth SeekerHQ They call me many things: Murderer. Cutthroat. Thief. But you may call me Oiá:ner.

This article is about a subject that lacks an official name and is known only by its nickname, title, or alias.

Oiá:ner (English: Clan Mother) was the leader of the Kanien'kehá:ka village of Kanatahséton. She and the other Kanien'kehá:ka in the village served as protectors of the sacred ground on which both their village and the Grand Temple stood. Oiá:ner was also the keeper of the village's Crystal Ball.


In 1769, Oiá:ner showed Kanatahséton's Crystal Ball to Ratonhnhaké:ton upon his return from a hunt and allowed him to interact with it. The Crystal Ball forced him into the Nexus, where he communicated with Juno and learned of his destiny with the Assassins.[1]

Over the course of the next years, Ratonhnhaké:ton would return occasionally and speak to the Clan Mother about various subjects, such as his own journey, the death of William Johnson and the village's role in the American Revolutionary War.[1]

In 1778, despite remaining neutral in the conflict, the village was threatened with similar destruction to the one it had suffered years prior. Seeing a chance to manipulate the villagers into sealing their fate, the Templar Charles Lee convinced Kanen'tó:kon and other Kanien'kehá:ka men to attack the Continental soldiers that had come to harm them. When Ratonhnhaké:ton arrived to prevent this, Oiá:ner informed him of Lee's actions. To prevent the villagers from giving the Patriots a legitimate excuse to massacre them, Ratonhnhaké:ton subdued the warriors but was forced to kill Kanen'tó:kon in self-defense, Lee having turned him against his friend.[1]

Some time following Kanen'tó:kon's death, Oiá:ner spoke with Ratonhnhaké:ton once more, where she revealed to him that she planned to move their people to the west to avoid the war, like many of the other nations had been doing. After his unpleasant reaction, she told him that she would do what was best for her people, to which Ratonhnhaké:ton left the village. On his return some years later, he found the village deserted save for a frontiersman, who told him that his people had moved west.[1]

Alternate timeline[]

ACIII-Skyworld 9

Oiá:ner convincing Ratonhnhaké:ton to visit the Great Willow

In a timeline conjured up by an Apple of Eden, Oiá:ner was also the Clan Mother of the Kanatahséton village. However, instead of being concerned with pacifistic protection of their lands, it was her who encouraged the people to resist King Washington's army.[2]

In this regard, Oiá:ner suggested that Ratonhnhaké:ton drink the Red Willow tea to give him the power to defeat King Washington, against Kaniehtí:io's wishes. The Clan Mother also led the Native resistance against the tyrant; however, despite her aims to safeguard her village by combating the threat, Oiá:ner and her fellow villagers were defeated in a Bluecoat raid. In her final moments, she advised Ratonhnhaké:ton to go after Benedict Arnold and warned him to be mindful of the Red Willow tea's power, before passing away.[2]


  • Oiá:ner is the Kanien'keha word for "clan mother," and translates to "righteous" or "she is good." Aside from this title, the actual name for the Kanatahséton clan mother was not given in Assassin's Creed III.[3]
  • During any of the floating conversations with Oiá:ner, Ratonhnhaké:ton could kill her with ranged weapons, although it did not affect the story.