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AC3 British Leader

A British officer in ceremonial gear

Officers were troops appointed to positions of authority and power in the British Army and the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.

They usually commanded a section or above and are responsible for the well-being and deployment of their troops. Officers displayed wore riding boots, a gorget, shoulder cuffs and finely crafted leather riding gloves as well as shorter tunics and tarletons that denoted their position.[1]

Officers were quite perceptive and could see through blended spots and disguises.[1]


Officers were almost ubiquitous, found in the cities, forts, and the frontier alike, accompanied by a body of troops. They were armed with sabers and flintlocks. Officers could parry and attack in rapid succession and were dangerous if not countered properly. Direct attacks would often result in a parry and counterattacks led to retaliation. Disarms, defense breaks and execution streaks were all viable tactics. Officers could also mount nearby horses to attack the player.[1]


  • The British officers' model seems to be based on the era's Dragoon uniforms, especially the curved saber and the tarleton helmet.




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