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Of Minotaurs and Men was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Within the ruined Knossos Palace, Kassandra found a makeshift camp and investigated it, making the acquaintance of a young boy, Ardos.


Kassandra agreed to find Ardos' father, Nikios.

  • Kassandra: The Minotaur will die, and I will find your pater.
  • Ardos: Thank you, misthios! No one ever believes me.
  • Kassandra: Just calm down and take me to the labyrinth.
    What's your name?
  • Ardos: Ardos!
    Now, follow me! The entrance is way down underground.

Ardos took off into the depths of the ruins, with Kassandra following him as Ardos chattered away.

  • Ardos: It's down this way!
    This place is going to blow your mind,
    misthios. There's a hugeeeeee room and there's a hugeeeeee hole in the ground with a hugeeeeee door.
    Everybody keeps going on about how - Theseus killed the Minotaur.
    Lies! I heard it! A roar, like—like uh—
    Rolling thunder!
    Yeah, that's it.

Deeper and deeper they went.

  • Ardos: The Minotaur is still alive! And hungry!
  • Kassandra: Great.
  • Ardos: I'm glad you came along. Now pater has a shot of getting out of that damn labyrinth.

Behind a broken wall, the Minoan architecture gave way to something built way earlier.

  • Ardos: They really didn't have to put the entrance this deep. Almost there. What were these Minoans thinking?
    Here we are!

Kassandra followed Ardos into a huge hall. The boy beamed with excitement.

  • Ardos: Isn't this amaaaaaazing?!

Kassandra beheld the gate to the labyrinth, the stele before it.

  • Kassandra: I've seen some things, Ardos. But this...

  • Kassandra: It's just a ruined door.
    A big door, sure.
  • Ardos: No, it's not! It's a really - a -
    S-Stop ruining everything!

  • Kassandra: So the Minotaur lies beneath Knossos Palace...

She turned to Ardos.

  • Kassandra: Open the door. I've got a minotaur to slay.
  • Ardos: Ah. Uh, right.
    It's locked.

  • Kassandra: Don't worry, we'll find a way. You must know something.

  • Kassandra: If you don't know how to get in there, I swear -

  • Ardos: I don't! But the guys who went into the labyrinth with my pater will! I've tried talking to them but—
    But they won't speak to me!
  • Kassandra: They'll speak to me. Who are these people?
  • Ardos: The Collector, Swordfish, and my old caretaker.
    My old caretaker—
    Boooooooring old man—
    Never wanted to talk to me about my
    pater of the Minotaur, so I left him to find out the truth on my own.
  • Kassandra: Bold.
  • Ardos: And the Collector is this guy who buys weird stuff. He's a merchant in Gortyn.

Ardos looked out over the hall.

  • Ardos: Oh! And the last guy! They call him—Swooooooordfish.
  • Kassandra: Of course.
  • Ardos: He's the boss of Octopus Bay. And he's mean.

With that, Ardos turned and left. Kassandra followed him back to his camp and spoke to him.
(Asked "How will I find "Swordfish"?")

  • Kassandra: Where should I start looking for "Swordfish"?
  • Ardos: ...Fisherman's Beachhead in Heraklion would be your best bet. No one's seen him in years. Some think he's dead.

(-> "Why do people call him "Swordfish"?")

  • Kassandra: "Swordfish"? He must have a long, pointy nose.
  • Ardos: No, no! He's really good with a sword and...
    He's really good with fish? I guess?

("Where is the "Collector"?")

  • Kassandra: This "Collector," where is he?
  • Ardos: He lives in Gortyn near some red pillars, in a craaaaaazy house with lots of stuff!
    I've "borrowed" some trinkets from him. He has so many he never even noticed.
  • Kassandra: Don't let me catch you "borrowing" from me.
  • Ardos: From you? I would never!
    ...Get caught.

("Where is this caretaker of yours?")

  • Kassandra: Tell me more about this old man.
  • Ardos: Okay, so, my old caretaker recently sent me a message about wanting to meet in Phaistos.
  • Kassandra: That's nice of him.
  • Ardos: Ha! He never answered me about my pater or the Minotaur, ever. That's why I left in the first place!
  • Kassandra: I'll go in your place and see what I find.
  • Ardos: The message said to meet him at our old house northeast of here, near Phaistos.

(Leave – "I'll talk to them.")

  • Kassandra: I'll make sure they all talk.

Kassandra made good on her word, and sought out the collector, Swordfish, and Ardos' caretaker. Along the way, she found pieces of armor said to have belonged to Theseus himself.


Kassandra completed her investigation of the men who accompanied Nikios into the Labyrinth of the Minotaur. In doing so, she determined that Ardos unknowingly held the key all along.


  • The quest title may be a reference to Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.
  • Ardos says his old house is "northeast, near Phaistos." It's rather west of Knossos Palace, the place where he is at the moment, though it is northeast of Phaistos Village.
  • Despite this quest leading to three support quests, only Full Circle is required to progress onto Seeking Answers.


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