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Odor Most Foul was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


A foul stench troubles the people of Memphis, and the priests aren't willing to resolve the issue. Clearing the air would do both Pasherenptah and the public a service.


Bayek encountered a group of priests conducting a ritual outside a tomb.

  • Priest: Hail to you, Osiris! Your limbs are lasting, you do not know corruption.
    Hail to you, Osiris! Your limbs are lasting, you do not know corruption.
    There are no worms with you, you are not repugnant.
    There are no worms with you, you are not repugnant.
    Here is the tomb of Osiris, motionless, motionless like Osiris; motionless his limbs like Osiris. Let them not remain motionless, let them not corrupt.
    They move not, they stir not: be it done for them as for Osiris. I am Osiris.
ACO Odor Most Foul 2

Bayek speaking to the head priest

Bayek spoke to the priest.

  • Bayek: Hail, Pure One.
  • Priest: May your heart be joyful, Medjay.
  • Bayek: Joy is scarce while Memphis chokes on the scent of the grave. I am here to discuss Pasherenptah's complaint on the Informant Table.
  • Priest: Indeed! We seek a capable person to investigate this tomb. Most are too fearful of the demons within to enter.
  • Bayek: But demons would fear a priest. Why not investigate yourself?
  • Priest: I am a vessel of the gods – I contribute through prayer.
  • Bayek: Then I will face the demons. Pray that your faith shields me.
  • Priest: Ptah grant you safety.

Bayek investigated a small opening above the tomb.

  • Bayek: This stench! Vile as the Devourer's breath. The entrance is barred. There must be another way inside the tomb.
ACO Odor Most Foul 3

Bayek finding an opening

Bayek discovered a small opening beneath the ritual location and slid under it, exploring the tunnel that opened. A strong stench plagued the cave, causing him to cough.

  • Bayek: (coughing)

Bayek encountered a group of bandits in the cave and eliminated them before continuing exploring. He later came across a room with a heavier stench.

  • Bayek: Gah! I can hardly breathe!
    The source of this poison is closer than before.

He investigated a bust, praying.

  • Bayek: Departed, forgive my violation of your rest. Grant that I may pass by you.

Bayek journeyed deeper, finding a chamber with several mummies.

  • Bayek: These mummies are sound. Not the cause of the smell.

Bayek discovered there also a table with a bunch of offerings.

  • Bayek: An offering to chase the smell. Someone has been here recently... someone who does not fear demons.
ACO Odor Most Foul 5

Bayek finding a trail of blood

Bayek discovered a trail of blood and maggots on the ground.

  • Bayek: What in the name of the gods is that foulness? I should trace it to its source.

Bayek destroyed a makeshift wooden wall and discovered behind it a chamber with a bunch of rotten mummies, haphazardly laid in mounds.

  • Bayek: The mummies. They are rotted!
    This is a crime against the dead.
ACO Odor Most Foul 6

Bayek investigating the rotten mummies

Bayek investigated further and found several mummies that were clearly unsound.

  • Bayek: Here. The flesh has decayed, but the wrappings are still intact.
    If the wrappings are sound, the fault lies in the embalming. Fear of demons kept the crime from being discovered. I will pay the mummification temple a visit.

Bayek left the tomb and made his way to the wabet, musing.

  • Bayek: The guarding of temples was once a sacred duty entrusted to the Medjay. Now it falls to no one.

Once Bayek had reached the temple, he was greeted by the head of the temple.

  • Temple Head: Peace be on you! May Osiris shield your loved one's journey.
  • Bayek: I do not need your services. I'm here to inspect the temple.
  • Temple Head: You are not a priest. In whose name do you dare profane our grounds?
  • Bayek: In the High Priest's name. Prove this by messenger if you wish.
  • Temple Head: ...Ah yes. Poor Pasherenptah. The curse weighs heavy on us all. I have had two embalmers run off since it began. Only untrained laborers are free to take their place. Such coarse fellows! I hope to discharge them soon.
  • Bayek: I look forward to meeting them.

Bayek interviewed one of the embalmers.

  • Bayek: Is this where bodies are delivered?
  • Embalmer 1: Yes. This is the gate to the ibu – the place of purification. The dead are brought here by their families. Then we wash them with tears wept by the gods at the death of Osiris. Or maybe just water. Hard to say.
  • Bayek: The mummies would not be tampered with so early in the process. This man is likely innocent.

Bayek talked to another embalmer.

  • Bayek: What do you—
  • Embalmer 2: Yes, yes, I know. You want to learn what I do here.
    I wash the bodies of the dead. It's a job – been doing it for ten years now. There's little to say about it, really.
  • Bayek: A man of my own nature. He bears watching, though.

The temple head became impatient with Bayek.

  • Temple Head: Is your curiosity satisfied?
  • Bayek: Not yet.
  • Temple Head: Be quicker. You disturb our work and the dead's rest.

Bayek talked to another embalmer, who was removing organs from a body.

  • Bayek: I would not want to make an enemy of you.
  • Embalmer 3: I have no enemies, and no secrets, either. This is just how we get rid of the brain – a useless organ! Next I will open the flank and take out the liver, stomach, lungs, and intestines. They are the first parts of the body to rot.
  • Bayek: Fascinating.
  • Embalmer 3: We never get visitors here. Come see us any time!
  • Bayek: A friendly face can hide guilt... yet I do not suspect him.
ACO Odor Most Foul 10

An embalmer commenting on the natron texture to Bayek

Bayek talked to another embalmer, who was covering a body with a mineral.

  • Bayek: Is this salt you are working with?
  • Embalmer 4: Not salt. Natron. It dries out the body... and it fries my hands to shit. I have got burns all over! Although they have been better lately.
  • Bayek: Has the natron changed somehow?
  • Embalmer 4: The texture's been a little off. Powdery. They must be getting it from a new supplier. If you want to talk natron, man out back is the expert.
  • Bayek: If natron is used to dry the bodies... There may be something wrong with the natron. I should speak to the worker out back.

Bayek headed to the backyard of the temple and talked to the worker in charge.

  • Bayek: These bodies are dried with natron?
  • Worker: Mmmph. Who might you be?
  • Bayek: A temple inspector.
  • Worker: Right, about time you got here. Memphis has been stinking of rot for months!
  • Bayek: I suspect a problem with the natron. Where does it come from?
  • Worker: Not far from here. Guarded by good men near the canal. Watch out for crocodiles.
  • Bayek: And lizards...
  • Worker: Did you say "Lizard"?
  • Bayek: It means something to you?
  • Worker: I have heard it whispered in taverns. Rumors only.
  • Bayek: If you have nothing of substance to offer, I will be leaving.
ACO Odor Most Foul 12

The worker directing Bayek to the warehouse

  • Worker: Wait! I can tell you this – our natron is tainted. It is mixed with sand. Go to the warehouse just north of the Great Temple. The gods be with you.
  • Bayek: So the mummies rotted due to the tainted natron. Let's see what is in this warehouse he mentions.

Bayek made his way to the warehouse, which was surrounded by guards.

  • Bayek: Here's the warehouse. I need to be careful.
ACO Odor Most Foul 13

Bayek confronting the temple head

Bayek infiltrated the warehouse, only to find the temple head present. Bayek grabbed the temple head and shoved him towards the natron.

  • Bayek: Only the guilty aim to disgrace the innocent.
  • Temple Head: Oh! May the gods be kind!
  • Bayek: Salt is cheap. There must be more than gold to your crime.
  • Temple Head: Gold had nothing to do with it. A priest in a blue sash brought my orders.

He removed his sash, showing his cut-off nose.

  • Temple Head: He did this to me. He threatened to do the same to my daughter. I brought foulness on the city only to protect her, I swear it! Please...
  • Bayek: Help me, and I will end this.

The temple head handed a scroll to Bayek.

  • Temple Head: Here, I kept it... Take it.
ACO Odor Most Foul 16

Bayek reading the scroll

The temple head fled from the warehouse. Bayek inspected the scroll.

  • Bayek: I'll send its writer to the Devourer.
    The seal of Anubis. A priest sabotaged the natron. The letter mentions a bandit cave. I will go clear out this viper's nest once and for all.
  • Letter with a seal of Anubis:
    To the Head Embalmer of Memphis:
    I am tasking you with overseeing the spoiling of natron. My men will render the natron impure by mixing it with white Saqqara sand. You will ensure its delivery, where it will be used in the mummification process and perpetuate the curse on the city.
    The sand is stored in a cave under the temple of Ptah. Its entrance is located between two large granaries. Should you get a whiff of an intruder, you know what to do.
    Do not disappoint.
    The Lizard
ACO Odor Most Foul 18

Bayek finding the bandits

Bayek left the warehouse and made his way to the cave. The bandits discovered Bayek and attacked him.

  • Bandit: I guess some neket iadet was listening after all!
  • Bayek: May the kas of those lost haunt you forever!
    The Devourer waits for your hearts!
    Ma'at will judge you in the afterlife!

Bayek eliminated the bandits.

  • Bayek: Memphis' dead will sleep peacefully now.

If Bayek met the priest again in the Temple of Ptah.

  • Man: I did not think to see you again. You seem like the wandering type.
  • Man: So the mummies were tampered with. May the perpetrator of this crime suffer for eternity. It seems my prayers were successful in shielding you.


Bayek discovered the source of the foul smell plaguing Memphis and managed to stop it once and for all, allowing the dead in the city to rest peacefully again.



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