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Odo (c. 857 – 898) was the Count of Paris who was elected King of West Francia following the deposition of Charles III.[1]


Early life

Odo was the eldest son of Robert the Strong and after his father's deaths, the lands of Rouen and Amiens were apparently Odo's, by birthright.[2] Before the siege started, Odo was granted the title of Count of France and later married Théodrate of Troyes.

The Siege of Paris

In 886, Odo appeared in the lower part of the city of Paris giving a speech towards the citizens on a podium. Odo spoke while guarded by Frankish soldiers and a priest-warrior, Gozlin. In the distance, Odo was being watched and observed by both Vikings, jarl Sigfred of the Elgring Clan and jarlskona Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan. From Sigfred's information, Odo worked as the right-hand man of King Charles the Fat. However, Odo was notified by Gozlin, who showed Odo of the Vikings observing in the distance. Odo sent three of his guards after the Vikings while he left the stage to tend to other business.[3]

Odo and Gozlin saw unwanted observers in the distance

After some time, the search for Odo began as Vikings Eivor and Toka Sinricsdottir were hopeful for a truce from Count Odo. During a search for Odo's location, evidence of Odo's trail was found at Pontem Esera. In a form of a letter, Odo was requested by his wife to attend a gathering at the Manoir des Fleurs Rouges and host the invited nobles and guests. At the manor, Odo was found, by Eivor, in a meeting with certain nobles of France and Gozlin. Odo heard both the concerns of the nobles and encouragement from his fellow warrior, Gozlin. From this, Odo admitted that the nobles have a duty to defend Paris and told them to look into their hearts to guide them.[2]

Odo and Gozlin met with Frankish nobles about the impeding siege

After asking Gozlin to escort the nobles out of the meeting, Odo waited to be alone and called out Eivor of England, who was eavesdropping on the meeting. Odo gave Eivor a goblet of wine and questioned of her presence in his manor. After ruling out land and money as reasons, Odo heard out Eivor's desire of England being free of Franks' interference. Odo soon asked what Eivor wanted from him. While Eivor listed out her requests, Odo grew enraged from the last one, which was that Sigfred's thegns keep the lands in the north. Infuriated, Odo promised that the lands of Amiens and Rouen were his birthright and that there would be no peace. Odo asked a guard to escort Eivor out and promised to see her on the battlefield next time.[2]

After no truce from Odo, the Vikings began the siege on Paris. As the Vikings launched their attacks, Odo, alongside brother-warriors Gozlin and Ebels, waited behind the gates to the Île de la Cité. As the Vikings were at the gates, Odo left Gozlin and Ebels as he tended to matters within the island.[4]

Odo, alongside Gozlin and Ebels, awaited the Vikings attackers

When the Vikings broke their way inside, Odo planned an ambush at the gates of the Palais de la Cité for Sigfred, Toka, Eivor, and their warriors. As the Vikings fought through the ambush, Odo readied his crossbow and aimed it at a taunting thegn, Goll. From the gates' defenses, Odo shot down Goll instantly and left the battle. Odo's ambush caused the Vikings to retreat momentarily.[5]

However, Odo was the objective for Eivor, to find an quicker end to the bloodshed at the hands of both the Franks and Sigfred. Within the palace itself, Odo was inside as he tried to collect himself through the apparent doom. Odo was met by his family priest, Walter du Sens, who told him of his dying wife and how their fight was lost. Odo proclaimed that Charles will arrive and that their win was imminent. Once Eivor walked in, Odo dismissed Walter and told Walter to take care of his wife as God seemed to have something else planned for him.[6]

Odo aimed crossbow at Thegn Goll

Odo talked with Eivor about their respective beliefs and culture. As Eivor admitted doubt within hers, Odo questioned her on what to do. As Eivor responded by stating she would fight, Odo unsheathed his sword and challenged Eivor to fight. A battle ensued until Odo fell to Eivor. Odo declared to die quickly, until both fighters heard war horns. Odo and Eivor headed outside to see Sigfred and Charles afar, in the midst of a truce. As Eivor wanted to leave, Odo desired the same but reminded that he is a prisoner to her. However, Odo was released by Eivor on the promise to keep his word on a truce. Odo agreed.[6]

Odo charged into the truce, after Charles gave Sigfred both silver and lordship to land of Rouen. Odo insulted King Charles and declared Charles to be no king of his. However, Odo was reminded by Eivor of their truce, as Odo declared Eivor was more honorable than Charles. Odo quickly left Paris afterwards.[6]

Odo promises an alliance, under Charles' death

Time passed after the siege as Odo called on Eivor to visit him about Queen Richardis' welfare in Epernay. Upon Eivor's arrival, Odo discussed that he wanted Charles dead and that he would take his place as ruler. From this, Odo promised an alliance under Charles' death. Odo also admitted that he had guards with Richardis, but that their correspondence has gone cold. Odo asked Eivor for his help against Charles, to which she agreed. Odo mentioned that Charles' son, Bernard, was with Richardis and that the last known location was Amiens.[7]

After Charles left his throne, Odo met with Toka at her longhouse in Melun. As Eivor arrived with news, Odo and Toka were in a midst of a hostile argument that almost led to a fight. However, Odo and Toka stopped once Eivor intervened. Odo asked about Charles as Eivor admitted that Charles would no longer be a problem for him or Francia. Due to the good news, Odo poured all three of them a drink each and celebrated Charles' removal. After the brief celebration, Odo announced his leave as he and his soldiers left to rebuild Paris anew.[8]

Behind the scenes

Depending on the player's choice, Odo will send a letter either stating thanks for ending Charles or threats for not killing Charles.



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