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Odin's Eye was a compass made by the Isu that could show the way to Odin's Vault.



Named for Odin's eye which he had removed in the Well of Mímir in exchange for greater knowledge,[2] the Odin's Eye was created by the Æsir during the Isu Era to show the way to Odin's Vault. Some time after its creation, it was taken to Freyja's Cave and locked away.[1] As the millennia passed after the Great Catastrophe, the Vault became overgrown in vegetation and earth, and its location was lost to memory.

Sometime in the 870s, a meteor landed in the Viking settlement of Ravensthorpe in Mercia. The jarlskona Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan went to investigate the crash site and saw the woman Hildiran also inspecting it after the impact revealed the door to Freyja's Cave. Hildiran convinced Eivor to let her stay and taught her the art of Hugrheim, a battle meditation named for the eponymous mental realm where warriors knowledgeable of the technique could train without risk of injury. She then told the amazed Eivor that only after filling a special amulet with the energy from battle meditation could she hope to open the door.[3]

Eivor quickly completed a series of meditation challenges at various statues of Freyja situated throughout England and brought the filled amulet back to Hildiran, who had spent much of her time clearing away the rubble from the door. Opening the gate, the women entered a vast stone room. Inside were three large archways carved into the walls, gateways to nowhere that impossibly contained cold fog spilling over stalactites and stalagmites, rubble covered in still-living vines, and a falling river of fire. The chamber was flooded in ankle-deep water save for a single stone path to the center, where Odin's Eye rested on a small plinth.[1]

Hildiran spotted Odin's Eye on the pedestal and told Eivor to grab it. As the Viking stepped forward, the Eye activated, its outer shell glowing white and spinning as it briefly hovered and projected glyphs, before deactivating and settling back in its spot. Hildiran demanded Eivor give it to her, but she remained suspicious after giving an artifact of unknown power to a person who still amounted as a stranger, a feeling that only increased when Hildiran explained that the Eye was not the true treasure, but a way to find where it was hidden.[1]


  • The top of the device shows a symbol very similar to the Vegvísir, an Icelandic symbol intended to help the bearer find their way through rough weather.




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