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Odessa was a Megarian adventurer who claimed descent from Odysseus and lived during the Peloponnesian War.

In 431 BCE, she made the acquaintance of the misthios Kassandra.


Life as an adventurer

Born as the only child to a wealthy farmer in Megaris, and named after Odysseus, Odessa had grown up in comfort, save for a heart with a wanderlust.[1]

After she'd grown up enough, Odessa embarked on a journey to reach Odysseus' home island of Ithaka, in order to learn more about her ancestor. However, when she reached the island, she was caught by bandits, and locked up. Fortunately for her, Kassandra had come to the island, too, and freed her. Together, they explored Odysseus' Palace. Disappointed with what she found, she decided to return home in Megaris.[2]

Return to Megaris

Upon her return, Odessa spent her time taking care of her father who was plagued by an illness. However, she came into dispute with the leader of Megaris, who sought to obtain her father's estate. The leader orchestrated a number of suitors to her including Palermon and Praxis. Odessa made the decision to hire the mercenary Xenokles the Hyena to protect her farm from the harassers, thought the mercenary eventually died.[3] At one point, Odessa also came to be targeted by The Master, a member of the Cult of Kosmos.[4]

Sometime later, Odessa met Kassandra again and confided in her on her father's condition, requesting her help to gather some herbs in the valley to help her ailing father. When Kassandra returned, Odessa's farm came under attack once again by several bandits. Through a letter recovered on one of the bodies, she and Kassandra discovered they had been sent by the leader of Megaris.[1]

In an attempt to end the attempts of her life, Odessa requested Kassandra to infiltrate the Leader House and uncover what she could find. Having recovered enough information, Kassandra returned to Odessa to report her findings.[3]

Behind the scenes

In Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Odessa is a character which can be romanced. She can also be recruited to join the Adrestia crew upon the completion of The True Story.




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