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The Odeon of Perikles was the largest building and the first theater to receive a roof located in the city of Athens in Attika, Greece.

Built by the statesman Perikles, the Odeon served as the place for musical performances and was modeled after King Xerxes I's original tent, which had been brought back as plunder.[1]


In 429 BCE, the misthios Kassandra entered the theater after tracking down several Cult of Kosmos guards who were pursuing her friend Phoibe. After defeating them, she checked on Phoibe near a pillar, but was too late as the girl had already passed on. Kassandra took out the girl's favorite eagle toy Chara, placing it in her hands before bidding her farewe.[2]


  • The columns inside the odeon are based on the columns in Persepolis.
  • The Odeon is one of the places where Nyx the Shadow may be found in.




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