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This article is about the genetic memory. You may be looking for the individual.

Oda Nobunaga was an altered representation of one of Yamauchi Taka's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


First dialogue

  • Yamauchi: You are Kiyonobu, correct?
  • Kiyonobu: Ah, you must be Yamauchi Taka, the monk. Do come in.
  • Yamauchi: I understand you have a message for me from Hattori Hanzō.
  • Kiyonobu: I might...
  • Yamauchi: What is it, then?
  • Kiyonobu: Oh, nothing. Perhaps I don't. I'm struggling to remember.
  • Yamauchi: The only thing you merchants care about is money. Fine. Here. This is all I have.
  • Kiyonobu: Ah, I remember now!
  • Yamauchi: Of course you do.
  • Kiyonobu: Within days, Oda Nobunaga is to meet a bloody end. This stands to benefit no one unless an intervention is made.
  • Yamauchi: Go on.
  • Kiyonobu: Hanzo is charged with keeping Tokugawa Ieyasu safe above all other things, which prevents him from taking action.
  • Yamauchi: What does he ask of me?
  • Kiyonobu: As we speak, Akechi Mitsuhide is marching towards Honno-ji to take the life of his former master. You must find Nobunaga before Mitsuhide does.
  • Yamauchi: I am to keep Nobunaga safe?
  • Kiyonobu: Do what you will with the warlord; it doesn't much matter. His time is at an end either way. What matters is the sword Nobunaga holds. It cannot be allowed to fall into Mitsuhide's hands.
  • Yamauchi: What is so special about this sword?
  • Kiyonobu: The sword is not of this earth. It binds men to it who might otherwise be disloyal.
  • Yamauchi: I've heard rumors of this sword.
  • Kiyonobu: Do not be tempted to wield it yourself. In time it would destroy you, just as it did Nobunaga. Just as it has done to those who held it before him.
  • Yamauchi: What should I do with it, then?
  • Kiyonobu: Do not draw the sword. Cover it with silk or parchment, and deliver it to the Chinese girl, Liu Yan. The Assassin. You know her, correct? She will take the sword away from Japan.
  • Yamauchi: The games you play have strange rules.
  • Kiyonobu: This is no game.
  • Yamauchi: Very well. It shall be done.


  • Oda: Vermin! You'll not spill my blood this day!
  • Yamauchi: It's not your blood I am after. I only seek your sword.
  • Oda: To take one would deprive me of the other, for they are one and the same. I will not allow it.


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