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"Away with you! Southwark belongs to the Blighters!"
―Plumb threatening the Frye twins, 1868.[src]

Octavia Plumb

Octavia Plumb (died 1868) was a member of the British Rite of the Templar Order and one of the seven gang leaders that controlled all of London's boroughs around 1868.


"You... butchered my friends... And now I will butcher you!"
―Plumb during the gang war, 1868.[src]

Grand Master Crawford Starrick picked Octavia Plumb as one of the seven leaders of the Blighters trained by Maxwell Roth, giving her control over the Southwark borough. Always having been surrounded by friends and family, Plumb had many allies gathered around her, often using them to her advantage, instead of fighting herself. Despite this, she was more than capable of fighting her enemies personally, with her prowess being described as akin to a cornered rabid dog.

When Jacob and Evie Frye arrived in London and started working with Henry Green to liberate the city from Templar control, it wasn't long before Plumb and the Blighters were faced with the Rooks, led by the twin Assassins.

Octavia Plumb was eventually eliminated in a gang war between the Rooks and the Blighters, giving the Assassins control over Southwark. The leader of the Blighters in the Southwark borough, she was at some point tracked down and assassinated by one of the Frye twins, who sought to seize control of the gangs and take back the city.