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An octareme was an ancient sea-faring vessel and a type of galley that was used by the ancient maritime civilizations of the Mediterranean, especially the ancient Greeks and Romans.


Octaremes were used in Egypt as late as the Ptolemaic Kingdom by Ptolemy XIII's soldiers and Romans, especially the Gabiniani, alike during the late-1st century BCE.[1]

Notables sailing on octaremes during the 1st century BCE include Pompey[2] and Gaius Julius Rufio.[3]


  • The octareme is based on ships like triremes, the first part of the name derived from the Greek word ὀκτά- (oktá-), meaning 'eight'. So eight-rower.
  • Historically, the term was octeres, from Greek ὀκτήρης (oktērēs), meaning 'eight'. In-game this shows up in the name of the location in Euhemeria, Faiyum: Okteres Blockade.



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