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Oba was an Egyptian scavenger who lived in the Eastern Cemetery Mastaba in Giza during the reign of Ptolemy XIII.

Together with Nebti, Rashidi and Turo, Oba frequented the deserts and pyramids in the area in search of treasures.

In 48 BCE, after finding a ring of insurmountable value, Oba was caught by local bandits and taken to their hideout. He laid in their cage for days until the Medjay Bayek of Siwa found and rescued him while exploring the ruins.[1]

Meanwhile, also Rashidi was taken, but by other bandits in another camp. The Medjay rescued him, too.[1]

Even though Nebti believed Rashidi to have the ring they so coveted, it turned out that Turo had stolen it from Rashidi. Turo had tried to trade it, only to lose his life, and the ring when hyenas attacked the Hemon Mastaba. One of the animals killed Turo and devoured his hand, with the ring.[1]

Eventually, Bayek found the ring, and returned to campsite of Oba, Nebti, and Rashidi. In response to the attitude of the scavengers, Bayek tossed the ring and it ended up falling down the cracks in the ruins, leaving the three scavengers with nothing.[1]