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Nun the Wiser was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


After the courtesan's murderer was killed, Ezio Auditore, Antonio de Magianis and Teodora Contanto made their way to the Carnevale. Once they arrived, Teodora suggested that Ezio should take part in the games organized.


NtW 4

Ezio, Teodora and Antonio going through Venice

Ezio returned to the brothel after killing the murderer.

  • Teodora: You have our gratitude, Ezio.
  • Antonio: Why is it wherever you go, trouble follows?
  • Ezio: Antonio, I trust you know why I'm here.
  • Antonio: I imagine to rid Venice of Marco Barbarigo? But really, Ezio, we did this once already! And this new Templar Doge is a bigger culo (ass) than the last. Never mind that he never leaves the palazzo!
  • Teodora: Yes, except... for tonight. Marco wouldn't dare miss Carnevale.
  • Ezio: How do you know this?
  • Teodora: In fact, he's throwing the biggest party of them all, but getting in won't be so simple. You'll need a golden mask for entry. And before you think of forging one, keep in mind, each mask is numbered. Fortunately for you, I have an idea. Let's see if we can't win you a mask.

Ezio, Antonio and Teodora left the brothel and began to walk to the Carnevale area.

  • Teodora: What is it, my son? You want to ask me something?
  • Ezio: I do. Forgive me, but why is it you wear a nun's habit if you aren't one?

Teodora laughed.

  • Teodora: Well whoever said I wasn't? Indeed, I am married to the Lord.
  • Ezio: And yet you are also a courtesan? You run a bordello.
  • Teodora: So? I see no contradiction. How I choose to practice my faith; what I choose to do with my body, these are my choices to make. Like many young women I was drawn to the church, but grew disillusioned by the "believers" of this city. Men hold God only as an idea in their heads, not in the depths of their hearts and bodies. Men must know how to love in order to reach salvation. My girls and I provide that to our congregation. No church would agree with me, I realized, so I created my own. It may not be traditional, but men's hearts grow firmer in my care.
  • Ezio: Among other things, I'm sure.

Together, they reached the Carnevale area where games were being held and watched as the Master of Ceremonies announced to the crowd, while Silvio Barbarigo and Dante Moro stood behind him holding the Golden Mask.

NtW 5

The announcer, along with Silvio Barbarigo and Dante Moro

  • Announcer: Signore e Signori (Ladies and gentlemen), come one, come all! The Games of Carnevale are about to begin! Do you have the coraggio (courage) to compete for as grand a prize as this?

Dante Moro stepped onstage and held up the Golden Mask.

  • Announcer: This year, like every year, the Golden Mask will provide entry for one, e uno solo (and only one), to our most beloved Doge's personal ball! Who would not desire such an exceptional reward? Come! Compete! Whoever proves themselves champion in each of four games today, shall be the Doge's personal guest tonight!
  • Teodora: You'd best get to it, Ezio!


Ezio returned to the bordello and prepared for his attempt at Marco Barbarigo's life, through attempting to win the Golden Mask, which would allow entry to his personal ball.



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