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Now Hiring was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward and his crew arrived in Nassau, where he began to look for a crew.


Edward and Adéwalé sailed to Nassau's beachfront, where Edward Thatch and Benjamin Hornigold were harassing a British soldier.

  • Thatch: Go on, Captain Queernabs! Tell me I'm under arrest! Tell me!
  • Adéwalé: Them your breds (brethren)?
  • Hornigold: Fly away, boyo! Back to your master!
  • Edward: Aye. We was privateers together, before the wars ended. I'll see you ashore.

Edward met with his friends at the Old Avery tavern.

  • Hornigold: By God, you're a sight for salty eyes! Come you in and have a drink.
  • Edward: Morning, all.
  • Thatch: Ahoy, Kenway. Who's this?
  • Edward: Adéwalé, the Jackdaw's quartermaster.
  • Thatch: Jackdaw? You named your brig after a poxy bird?
  • Edward: Adé, these lads are the better part of our growing confederacy here. Ed Thatch, Ben Hornigold, James Kidd.
  • Hornigold: You let him carry a pistol, do ye?
  • Edward: Peace, Ben. Adé saved my life. And now we're looking for a crew to fill out the rest of my ship.
  • Thatch: Well, there's scores of capable men about. But use caution. A shipload of the King's sailors showed up a fortnight back, causing trouble and knocking about like they own the place.
  • Edward: Right. I'll see who I can muster.
  • Adéwalé: Send any men you find to the Jackdaw. I'll put them to work.
  • Edward: Cheers Adé.

Edward soon set out to save pirates from the British soldiers, recruiting them to his crew.

  • Civilian 1: What's all this pissing and moaning about? Has something happened?
  • Civilian 2: Soldiers have come, that's what's happened. Sent by the King himself.
  • Civilian 3: If a lobster sticks his nose in my business, I'll slice it off.
  • Civilian 4: I'm with you, mate. True hearted!
  • Civilian 5: What'll we do, Lizabeth? I'll be hanged for piracy if them soldiers catch hold of me.
  • Civilian 6: Stand your ground and give'em a whallop, then! You got naught else to live for!

Eventually, he was approached by a woman.

  • Civilian 7: Captain Kenway, come fast! There's soldiers that clapped a man in irons. They mean to hang him!

Edward arrived at a scaffolding where the pirate was to be hanged. He rescued him, and then returned to the tavern.

Now Hiring 7

Kidd telling Edward about the Observatory's legend

  • Hornigold: Now you'll want to sail somewhere rich with plunder.
  • Edward: Have you heard of a place called the Observatory?
  • Kidd: Aye. It's an old legend. Like El Dorado, or the Fountain of Youth.
  • Edward: What have you heard?
  • Kidd: It's meant to be a temple or a tomb. Hiding a treasure of some kind.
  • Edward: That's it! You see here.
  • Thatch: Ah, rot! It's fairy stories you prefer to gold, is it?
  • Edward: It's worth more than gold, Thatch. Ten-thousand times above what we could pull off any Spanish ship.
  • Hornigold: Robbing the king to pay his paupers is how we earn our keep here, lad. That ain't a fortune, it's a fantasy.


Through his intervention, Edward saved many pirates from execution, subsequently recruiting them as crew for the Jackdaw.



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