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Novella's Secret was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


With the location of the Templar meeting now known, Ezio ventured to spy upon it.


As La Volpe had instructed him, Ezio opened the entrance to the catacombs and made his way deeper below the church. After some time, he came across a group of Pazzi guards.

  • Ilario: How longer do we have to stand here, Saverio? It's cold.
  • Saverio: What do you want Ilario? Messer Pazzi is paying us good money to watch the entrance, and the dead won't try to murder us.
    I can't wait to go home to Elena and tell her how much gold we made tonight!

Ezio walked into the chamber after the guards departed and discovered the door was locked behind them. He noticed that the door could be opened by a lever and made his way to it by climbing over tall statues resembling Assassins. After assassinating two guards on his way to the top, Ezio pulled the lever and the door of the Great Hall below opened, startling the first two guards.

  • Saverio: Merda (Shit)! The door! Keep watch while I go look. This was supposed to be an easy job!
  • Ilario: I told you we shouldn't have come here. If I hear anything, I'm running to the other guard post, so help me God.

The guards outside the great hall

As Saverio and others came out of the door to investigate, Ezio engaged them in combat, while Ilario suddenly called out.

  • Ilario: Saverio! I'll be back with the other guards!

On seeing this, Ezio ran after Ilario, though he proved to be too fast.

  • Ilario: Have to find a way out. Before he kills me!
    Must run faster!
    Leave me alone!

Ilario continually blocked Ezio's path along the way.

  • Ilario: Yes, yes. He can't come here.

Finally, Ilario ran into a room with other guards and warned them of the Assassin.

  • Ilario: We are under attack! Guards!

Ezio found a way into the chamber and entered.

  • Ilario: Kill the assassin!

Ezio killed all the guards present, before he noticed another door similar to the entrance of the catacombs. Upon opening the door and entering, he heard chanting and moved to the window to investigate.

  • Stefano: Et benedictio Dei omnipotentis, Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti descendat super vos et maneat semper. (And may the blessing of Almighty God, the Father and of the Son and Holy Spirit descend upon you, and remain with you always.)
  • Francesco: Grazie, padre. (Thank you, father.) Bernardo?
  • Bernardo: It's all here, Swords, staves, axes, armor, bows. Our men will want for nothing.
  • Stefano: I take this gift to mean the Pope consents?
Novella's Secret 1

Stefano speaking at the meeting

Rodrigo Borgia entered the room.

  • Rodrigo: He gave his blessing to the operation... as long as nobody is killed.
  • Francesco: We are all set for the Duomo in the morning, Signore. The bait's been laid, but it wasn't easy.
    His fool brother keeps changing his plans...
  • Bernardo: Sì! (Yes!) We'll need to be on hand to make sure Giuliano even gets out of bed for church tomorrow!

Bernardo laughed.

  • Rodrigo: What is it, Jacopo? Do you think they suspect something?
  • Francesco: Impossible! The Medici are too arrogant or too stupid to even notice. Likely a bit of both.
  • Jacopo: Do not underestimate our enemies, Francesco! Or have you already forgotten how your son was murdered?
  • Francesco: We'll suffer no such surprises this time, Maestro. You have my word.
  • Rodrigo: Molto bene, (Very well.) I should be off. I've some other business to attend to before I return to Rome.
    Gentlemen. Tomorrow, a new sun rises over Firenze.
    May the Father of Understanding guide us.
  • Templars: May the Father of Understanding guide us.
NVS 22

The tomb of Darius

Once the Templars had concluded their meeting, Ezio attempted to find a way out of the catacombs. He came across a room with a familiar statue, one that he had seen at the Sanctuary located beneath the Villa Auditore. On closer inspection, Ezio recognized it to be the statue of Darius, before he noticed a sarcophagus and opened it; inside, Ezio found a seal and retrieved it. He then pushed the adjacent wall, which opened into a passage that ultimately led Ezio to an exit on the banks of the Arno river. There, Ezio spotted La Volpe waiting for him.

  • Ezio: I know where Francesco will be and when, But...
  • Volpe: What is it?
  • Ezio: I overheard something... They have weapons, enough for a battalion. Even the Pope has given support!
  • Volpe: Typical of Sixtus, but... What the hell are they planning?
  • Ezio: I couldn't understand the specifics. But it involves the Medici. And it begins tomorrow morning at the Duomo.
  • Volpe: The Medici will all be there for Sunday service... Along with the rest of Firenze.
    They are going to do it right in the middle of High Mass...
  • Ezio: But it's also a chance for me to blend with the crowd, get close, and stop this madness.
  • Volpe: If they succeed.. If we lose Lorenzo, and Firenze falls to the Pazzi...
  • Ezio: It will not come to that. I promise.
  • Volpe: I hope you're right...


Ezio learned of the Templars' plan involving the Medici, and found one of the six Assassin seals needed to unlock the armor located in the Villa Auditore's sanctuary.


  • It is possible to kill the fleeing Templar before he reaches the other guards. When approaching the guard post, there is a short window for the player to use throwing knives to kill the runner before he closes the door. If successful, the player can then sneak past the guard post.



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