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Nottinghamshire (Old English: Snotinghamscire) is a county in the East Midlands region of England, bordering Lincolnshire to the east, Leicestershire to the south, and Derbyshire to the west.


In 867, the Great Heathen Army occupied the town of Nottingham.[1]

In 876, Eivor Varinsdottir arrived in Nottingham after receiving a summons Hemming jarl. After speaking with Trygve, Eivor escorted several longships containing supplies up the Dubras River, and met Hemming at the Tip of the Spear. Eivor and Hemming led a force to besiege Ulkerthorpe Fort from Pictish occupants.[2] Shortly after the siege, the Picts set fire to the town of Stoneburgh, leaving Eivor and Vili Hemmingson to rescue the trapped civilians. Due to his declining health, Hemming passed away on his deathbed in Hemthorpe.[3]

Shortly after jarl Hemming's funeral, Eivor has the opportunity to influence who becomes the next jarl; Vili Hemmingson, or Trygve, Hemming's advisor.



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