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Not My Mother's Daughter was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra found a mother and daughter arguing outside the Temple of Athena Chalkioikos in Sparta, and agreed to see if she could help them.


Kassandra went up the path behind the Temple of Athena and saw an older woman and a younger woman near the stairs arguing. She approaches them.

  • Zita: Oh Hera and Aphrodite, please grant my daughter the virtue of obedience.

Zita notices Kassandra and turns to her.

  • Zita: Eagle Bearer, you bless this temple with your presence. If I may ask, I'm having a little problem.

The young woman interjects.

  • Zopheras: I'm not a problem. I'm a Spartan you keep at home supervising farmers while I could be out in the world finding adventure. You give my brothers the chance to explore, why not me?
  • Kassandra: An explorer, are you?
  • Zopheras: So you're the Eagle Bearer everyone's been talking about. I hope you live up to your reputation. I'm Zopheras.
  • Zita: Could you please educate my daughter to behave as a Spartan woman should?

  • Kassandra: If both you and Zopheras agree, I'll train your daughter to be a fine Spartan. Beginning with her physical strength, of course. It's the only way she can keep your household safe and prosperous.

  • Kassandra: I really don't have time to teach Zopheras right now.

Kassandra returns.

  • Zita: Please help my daughter. I don't know what to do about her terrible attitude.

(Back to dialogue choice one.)

Zopheras's eyes lighten up.

  • Zopheras: The Eagle Bearer is right, mater. Spartan women must be strong.

Kassandra smiles.

  • Kassandra: You can call me Kassandra.
  • Zita: I suppose if the Eagle Bearer says it... All right. Train my daughter as you see fit.

Zita leaves.

  • Kassandra: Let's begin your training with running. Try to keep up.
  • Zopheras: But Spartans never run! Only cowards do. Why should I train in running?

  • Kassandra: Strong legs mean you'll thrust your spear with more force.

Zopheras replies alluringly.

  • Zopheras: And yours do seem very strong.

  • Kassandra: Spartans run into battle. The faster you run, the more glory you can earn.
  • Zopheras: That does make sense.

  • Kassandra: Let's race through the theater to the entrance of the Dromos. Last one there's a wounded goat.

They raced until they both reached area.

(If players win)

  • Kassandra: Glad you could make it.
  • Zopheras: I'll get you next time!

(If Zopheras wins)

  • Kassandra: I... let you win.

Zopheras got irritated.

  • Zopheras: I hate when people do that.

  • Kassandra: Now, we'll race horses. But not like they do in athletic games. We'll make our own course.
  • Zopheras: Horses? Why should I bother with those filthy beasts? We have helots for that.

  • Kassandra: Horses are your most loyal partners in battle. Treat them well, and they'll never disappoint you.
  • Zopheras: That's really sweet.

  • Kassandra: Horses are beasts of muscle and power. You'll never understand until you hold one between your thighs.

Zopheras looks at her up and down.

  • Zopheras: Well, when you put it that way... ride on.

  • Kassandra: Let's race to the bridge south of Sparta. Ready, go!

They ran towards the horses in front of them and raced until they both reached the bridge.

(If players win)

  • Kassandra: And that's how you master a beast.
  • Zopheras: That was more speed than mastery.

(If Zopheras wins)

  • Kassandra: The horse wasn't feeling so good today.
  • Zopheras: Don't blame the beast for your shortcomings.

  • Kassandra: How are my lessons so far, Zopheras?
  • Zopheras: Not bad... But why did you decide to teach me anyway? Don't you have more exciting things to do? Treasures to find, tyrants to depose?

  • Kassandra: The secret is, by teaching a skill to someone else, you're also improving your own technique. That's the only way you'll both reach peak performance.
  • Zopheras: You'll have to show me your technique.

  • Kassandra: If no one taught, people would live alone in their ignorance. By sharing knowledge we grow closer together.
  • Zopheras: I might like to get closer.

  • Kassandra: Do you have a suggestion for our next bit of training?
  • Zopheras: There's a place I've found in the southern hills with a wonderful view... Will you go there with me?

Kassandra looks down on her body.

  • Kassandra: I like the view already. But let's go.

They both mount the horses they used and ride across the bridge. Kassandra follows on.

  • Zopheras: So, does that bird follow you everywhere?
  • Kassandra: Ikaros? Yes, he likes to keep an eye on me. Are you jealous?

Kassandra laughs.

  • Zopheras: If you don't mind being watched, I don't either.

Zophares turns away from the road and into the forest.

  • Zopheras: Did Zeus give you any special powers? You know, Achilles got invulnerability, Herakles the strength of a god...
  • Kassandra: If you know the old stories, you know what Zeus is especially good at.
  • Zopheras: If you have that kind of talent, just call me Pandora.

They left the forest and climbed the hill that has a single cherry blossom on top of it. As they got there, they stopped to observe the cityscape of Sparta.

  • Zopheras: Beautiful, isn't it?
  • Kassandra: Absolutely.
  • Zopheras: I think I'm beginning to understand you, Kassandra.
  • Kassandra: Are you? Tell me, who do you think I am?

(If players flirt with her all the way.)

  • Zopheras: You answer my questions with such passion and authority. You like being in charge, don't you?

(If players answered her questions dispassionately.)

  • Zopheras: It's hard to predict how you'll answer my questions. You're a complicated person, aren't you?

  • Kassandra: You may be right. But really, why did you bring me out here?

(If players beat her in both the foot and horse races.)

  • Zopheras: I thought we could continue with some more intensive training, Kassandra. If you've got some energy left.

  • Kassandra: Well then, let's begin our advanced lessons.

They kissed and spent all day together.

  • Kassandra: I'm your teacher, you're my student. And besides, your mother would not be pleased. But I'm glad I impressed you with my teaching.

Zopheras looks down unhappy. She lays down with her elbow and watches the view.

(If players didn't beat her in both the foot and horse races.)

  • Zopheras: I thought we might continue our training with something more... personal. But you seem exhausted from keeping up with me for so long. Thanks for the exercise, though.

Kassandra sighs and frowns.

  • Kassandra: I'll have to train more myself.


Kassandra taught Zopheras a thing or two.



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