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Nostradamus Enigmas were prophetic writings made by Michel de Nostradame. They were destined to protect a vault honoring the legendary Mentor Thomas de Carneillon which housed a set of his robes behind three locked doors.


De Carneillon's robes were housed inside a vault beneath the streets of Paris. The seal to open the vault consisted of three rings, one for each of the doors. Unfortunately, the seal that opened the vault was broken, before being lost.

Strewn around Paris, each riddle in the enigmas was a clue to a location where the fragments for the rings were hidden. Obtaining enough of these fragments allowed one to open an area in the vault where a ring was hidden. Once three of these rings were found, the cage would be opened and one could take Thomas de Carneillon's robes from within.

During the French Revolution, the Assassin Arno Dorian found the vault under the Café Théâtre. There, it was explained to him by the Master Assassin Hervé Quemar how the armor was given to those who did a great service for the Brotherhood and France, and how the seal to unlock the vault was broken up and lost.

Agreeing with Hervé that one who managed to find these fragments did this great service, Arno set out to find these enigmas scattered all over Paris and finally unlock the doors that contained these robes. He managed to follow the clues and solve the riddles, obtaining all the fragments needed to unlock the vault and acquire Thomas de Carneillon's robes.

The Riddles

There were a total of eighteen puzzles made by Nostradamus. Each riddle in the puzzle had vague clues that led to a famous landmark around the area. Great knowledge of the whole of Paris and the places within were the key to solving these riddles and finding the fragments hidden.

Among these were:


  • The puzzles were named after the Roman Gods and Astrological Star Signs.
  • Puzzles akin to the Nostradamus Enigmas returned in Dead Kings as "Suger's Legacy".


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