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North Carolina is a state in the southeastern region of the United States, bordered by Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, West Virginia, and South Carolina. It was one of the thirteen colonies that claimed independence from Great Britain during the American Revolutionary War.


Golden Age of Piracy

In 1718, the island of Ocracoke, just off the coast of North Carolina, was a favored hideout of the infamous pirate Edward Thatch during his brief retirement. When the island was attacked by the British Royal Navy, Thatch and his crew were killed, along with a number of other pirates who had come to the celebration. Only Edward Kenway and Charles Vane are known to have escaped the ambush.[1]

American Revolutionary War

In 1776, the Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton's apprentices came to North Carolina to aid the Patriots' militia, and with the use of clever tactics, helped them defeat the British Army at the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge. After this embarrassing defeat, the British did not return for another four years.[2]

Two militias clashed at the Battle of Ramsour's Mill in June 1780, despite not having been ordered to by either side. The Assassins came and convinced the Loyalists to stand down to prevent further casualties.[2]

In February 1781, Henry Lee attempted to confront the infamous cavalry officer Banastre Tarleton, but the Assassins deemed this folly and diverted him towards John Pyle's column, causing Pyle's Massacre.

Several days later in March, the Assassins were alerted that their ally, Otho Williams, had been ordered by Nathanael Greene to scout Tarleton's troops. The Assassins aided during Williams' retreat from the Battle of Wetzell's Mill.[2]

In September that year, governor Thomas Burke was captured by the colonels David Fanning and Hector McNeill. Connor's recruits suspected McNeill of being a Templar and assassinated him at the Battle of Lindley's Mill, but were unable to retrieve Burke.[2]