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Norris Goes Courting was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor came across Norris, who asked him for help in finding a gift for Myriam.


Connor walked up to Norris in the middle of a stream.

  • Norris: Connor!
  • Connor: Norris.
  • Norris: You know Myriam?
  • Connor: Of course.
  • Norris: What does she like? I want to give her a gift.
  • Connor: I really do not know...
  • Norris: Alright.
  • Connor: Let me call on Prudence. She may be of service.

Connor left to speak with Prudence.

  • Connor: Prudence.
  • Prudence: Good day Connor.
  • Connor: Norris is trying to-- court...a woman. What do-- you-- women, terms of gifts.
  • Prudence: A nice bunch of wild flowers always brightens my day. Who is it Norris fancies?
  • Connor: Best not say for now.
  • Prudence: Fair enough. Best ones are atop the bluff to the North West. A bit tricky to get to but they grow large and healthy in the full sun.
Norris Goes Courting 4

Connor looking for Norris

Connor climbed the cliff and picked the flowers, bringing them back to Maurice.

  • Connor: Norris. Are you in there?
  • Norris: Uh, oui! (yes!)
  • Connor: Oh, I will find you a little later, then.
  • Norris: Non! Non! (No! No!) It's all right. What is it?
  • Connor: Prudence advised a bunch of wild flowers.
  • Norris: Really? Are you sure? Doesn't seem right.


Connor talked to Prudence and arranged a gift for Norris to give to Myriam.



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