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The Nornir, from left to right: Verðandi, Skuld, Urðr

The Nornir or Norns,[1] also referred to as the Three Spinners,[2] was the collective name for Urðr, Verðandi, and Skuld, [citation needed] beings in Norse mythology who represented the past, present, and future, respectively, They were believed to preside over the fate of the gods and humans.[1]


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During the 10th century, the group that would become the Assassins moved to keep expanding Templar influence out of Scandinavia. To that end, Thorvald Hjaltason devised a plan to fend off the forces of Styrbjörn the Strong advancing alongside the Order-backed Harald Bluetooth.[3]

Thorvald and his mentor Torgny the Lawspeaker met with Assassin ally and king of Sweden Eric the Victorious for assistance to carry out the scheme. As Eric's kinsmen would not cooperate without a sign that their actions were divine will, the Vikings passed it off as the desire of Odin, and Eric encouraged Thorvald to bring the Norns' judgement down upon Styrbjörn.[3]