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Normandy is a region in the north of France, consisting of areas roughly coextensive with the Duchy of Normandy founded by the Viking leader Rollo. The area was historically known as Evresin prior to its large scale settlement by the Norse people from the north, which ultimately gave it its current name.[1]


Middle Ages

In 886, the Viking jarlskona Eivor Varinsdottir travelled to the town of Evreux to search for Queen Richardis, having received word of her whereabouts from the Frankish rebel Pierre.[2]

Modern times

During the World War II, Normandy was one of the regions occupied by Nazi Germany. On 6 June 1944, the region became the site of a landing operation conducted by the Allies which became popularly known as D-Day.[3] The successful operation began the liberation of France and laid the foundations of the Allied victory on the Western Front.[4]



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