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Non Nobis Domine was a virtual representation of one of Shay Cormac's genetic memories stored in the Helix, relived by a research analyst through the Animus.


With the destination of the Assassins' expedition revealed, Shay and his fellow Templars set out to prevent Liam and Achilles from finding and activating the Seismic Temple.


Shay and Gist were joined by Haytham aboard the Morrigan.

  • Gist: Master Kenway.
  • Shay: De la Vérendrye's dead. I have the coordinates. I know where the Assassins are going.
  • Haytham: Then, let us make haste.

They traveled north, eventually reaching their destination.

  • Shay: Do you think Achilles and Liam have found the Precursor site?
  • Haytham: The world is still standing. If they uncovered it, they have not yet set the earth in motion.
  • Gist: How gentlemanly of them.
  • Haytham: There should still be time. Master Gist, stay here. I shall accompany Shay.
  • Gist: Sir? With respect, are you sure that's wise?
  • Haytham: As Grand Master, I must investigate this Precursor matter to the end. And witness the death of Achilles' Brotherhood.

Gist complied, leaving the pair to go ashore.

  • Shay: If the Assassins do trigger an earthquake, at least there's few around to suffer.
  • Haytham: I have no intention of letting your former colleagues destroy a Precursor site, regardless.

They reached a body of water, with ice floes providing a way across.

  • Shay: This would be beautiful if it wasn't so damned cold.
  • Haytham: Tread carefully... Some of this ice is rather thin.
Non Nobis Domine 3

Haytham and Shay approaching the Assassin encampment

Shay and Haytham reached an Assassin encampment, with a ship docked nearby.

  • Shay: That's a hefty crew Achilles brought.
  • Haytham: I doubt he expects all of them to survive these conditions.
  • Shay: That's bleak. But we're still outnumbered. Let's keep a low profile, avoid unnecessary fights.
  • Haytham: Your Assassins would scarce recognize you. Come, let us enter their parlor.

After making it through the encampment, Shay and Haytham made to enter the ice caves, but a falling block of ice separated the two.

  • Haytham: Go on, Shay! I will find another way.

Continuing on his own, Shay eventually reached the Temple's interior. Across the abyss, he spotted Haytham taking out a gang member by pushing him into an energy wall, one of the Temple's defense mechanisms. Shay then traversed the structure's remains and managed to reach Haytham. At the heart of the Temple, they found Liam and Achilles uncovering the Piece of Eden.

  • Liam: Is this the Apple?
  • Achilles: No! Don't touch anything. Shay was right.
  • Liam: What would he know?
  • Achilles: More than me, apparently.

Shay and Haytham entered the chamber.

Non Nobis Domine 9

Haytham and Shay confronting Achilles and Liam

  • Shay: Finally you understand, Achilles. This is a structure to hold the world together, not a weapon to control it. This whole calamity could have been avoided if you'd only listened to me!
  • Achilles: Disrespectful to the end.
  • Haytham: Yes, we've been working on that...
  • Liam: Right or wrong, Shay, you betrayed the Brotherhood, Achilles, and me.
  • Shay: Says the man who shot me in the back.
  • Liam: At the Homestead? That was Chevalier. I don't miss!

Liam pulled out a pistol, preparing to shoot Shay.

  • Achilles: Liam, don't!

In the ensuing struggle, the artifact was knocked off the pedestal, triggering an earthquake. Escaping the room, Shay pursued Liam, while Haytham went after Achilles, who had taken another route. Due to Shay being hampered by the collapsing structures, Liam managed to get ahead and attempted to shoot his former friend from afar.

  • Shay: Did you have to bring that damned Manuscript and Box all the way out here, Liam?
  • Liam: The Precursor box is safe, Shay. Chevalier took care of that. You'll never find it!
Non Nobis Domine 12

Shay pursuing Liam

Shay hid behind cover, attempting to get closer to Liam.

  • Liam: I found Hope's body, Shay!
  • Shay: I'm sorry!
  • Liam: Was it you? Tell me!
  • Shay: I had to!...
  • Liam: No... You chose to!

Shay followed Liam to an ice platform at the edge of a waterfall.

  • Liam: Give up, Shay!
    Your luck has run out!
    A cold grave awaits you!
    You won't get out of here, you bastard!
    How could you do this to us? How could you kill Hope?!

Shay attacked Liam, but their struggle caused the ice platform to break, sending both of them plummeting down onto the ice below.

Non Nobis Domine 15

Liam's final moments

  • Liam: That was... lucky.
  • Shay: How many times do I have to tell you, Liam? I make my own luck.
  • Liam: And how'd you do that, you bastard? You broke the Assassins. Betrayed... everyone you knew... You sided with... our worst enemies... And for what?!
  • Shay: To save the world.
  • Liam: I hope that world... is a good one.

With the last of his strength, Liam handed Shay the Manuscript, before succumbing to the wounds he had sustained from the fall. To honor his friend, Shay raised Liam's hood. He then returned to the shore, where he found Haytham about to kill Achilles.

  • Shay: No!

Haytham stopped at the last second.

  • Haytham: Why not?
  • Shay: Achilles is harmless now! A Mentor with no followers. What kind of world are we making if we cannot show mercy? Besides, he understands what these Precursor sites are now. Without him, the Assassins may continue their search.
  • Haytham: Valid points.

Haytham made to return to the Morrigan, before turning around and shooting Achilles in the leg.

Non Nobis Domine 17

Haytham crippling Achilles

  • Haytham: Never forget what has happened here.
  • Achilles: I won't... But the world will.

Back on the Morrigan, Shay and Haytham discussed future plans.

  • Shay: So what happens now?
  • Haytham: Master Gist will be in charge of eradicating any remaining traces of the Assassins. Master Weeks and the others will assist him, of course.
  • Shay: Achilles has lost everything. He won't dare leave his Homestead.
  • Haytham: He won't... Shay, although our search for Precursor sites is at an end, I want that Box. You will find it for the Templar Order, and for me.
  • Shay: It could be anywhere in the world by now... It may take years to find it.
  • Haytham: It may take you a lifetime. Are you up for the challenge?

Shay nodded.

  • Haytham: Good.


The Colonial Assassins' pursuit of the First Civilization sites had been stopped, while the Templars focused on locating the Precursor box.


  • If Shay observes the fight between Haytham and Achilles using Eagle Vision, Haytham appears to glow with a red aura, as an enemy would.
  • The memory's title is part of the Latin hymn Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam, which is a Christian prayer and the motto of the Knights Templar during the Crusades. It means "Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but to thy name give the glory".


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