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Nobleman: "You must not disrupt our work! Firenze is sick! It's our duty to cure her."
Ezio: "How? By forcing her people to follow a madman?"
Nobleman: "It is unwise for you to challenge those in power."
—The Nobleman trying to dissuade Ezio Auditore, 1497.[src]-[m]

The Nobleman (died 1497) was one of Girolamo Savonarola's nine lieutenants, men that were put in charge to help Savonarola in controlling Florence. Like many others, the Nobleman was controlled by the Apple of Eden.


Rise to power

When Savonarola took control of Florence using the Apple, he assigned nine men as his lieutenants, each of which had their own task. Most of these duties were assigned to get the citizens to follow Savonarola willingly, and soon after his appointment as lieutenant, the Nobleman managed to take control of the market district, where he often stated that people with power should not be questioned.[1]


Ezio Auditore da Firenze found the Nobleman on a rooftop, looking down towards the streets below. Upon sighting Ezio, he claimed that his actions were "curing Florence of its sickness," and that it would be unwise for Ezio to interfere. He then shouted for the guards in an attempt to give himself time to flee to Savonarola, though Ezio chased after him and quickly silenced the Nobleman before he could reach his destination. In his dying moments, the Nobleman claimed that he was innocent, having been influenced by the Apple. Ezio responded that the Nobleman had allowed himself to be manipulated.[2]




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