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No More Bull was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Though she discovered the Minotaur to be nothing but Leiandros in an ill-fitting, poorly-made mask, Kassandra agreed to save his daughter, who'd been kidnapped by the Cult.


Kassandra followed Leiandros up the ladder leading out the back of the Cave of the Brave.

  • Leiandros: These Masked Men, they're organized and unafraid. Their greatest weapon is no blade; it's our greed.
  • Leiandros: Every merchant, every man and his slave earn enough drachmae out of this charade to make Midas blush. The myth of the Minotaur makes us all rich... and we turn a blind eye to the cost.

As they continued through the cave, his costume began to chafe.

  • Leiandros: Gah, why is this suit chafing?! I used a whole bottle of olive oil...!
  • Leiandros: Hard... to breathe... in a costume... this magnificent...
  • Leiandros: By Zeus, this fur doesn't breathe at all!

They exited the cave, and Leiandros tried to vivify himself.

  • Leiandros: You are the Minotaur. You are the Minotaur. You are the Minotaur! You are the Minotaur. No, no, the last one was better.
  • Leiandros: I'm coming, Amara! Do not be afraid!
  • Leiandros: And don't you be afraid, Leiandros. She needs you.

In time, Kassandra caught up to him outside the entrance to Zakros, where Amara was being held.

  • Leiandros: Misthios, over here! It's me, Leiandros, the friendly Minotaur in the bushes!
  • Leiandros: Don't be afraid, it's not the real Minotaur—it's only me, Leiandros!

Kassandra spoke to him.

  • Leiandros: You came! I was sure I'd fight alone.
  • Kassandra: I'll stand with you, Leiandros. No matter what happens today, Amara will be proud of her fath—

She stopped herself when she noticed he was still wearing the Minotaur mask.

  • Kassandra: I see you're still a Minotaur.
  • Leiandros: I've faced many of the Greek world's deadliest warriors in this mask.
  • Leiandros: Granted, I was just there to distract those warriors with my roars and threatening gestures so they could be ambushed and stabbed from behind.
  • Leiandros: But... wearing it makes me feel brave.

  • Kassandra: And you look it. It would be an honor to fight alongside the mythical Minotaur.
  • Leiandros: Yes! YES! MOOOO!
  • Kassandra: Don't do that.

  • Kassandra: You look like the one thing Alkibiades wouldn't take to bed ...Can you even see out of that thing?
  • Leiandros: Mock all you want. When those malákes in Zakros see this beast charging towards them, they will know fear!

  • Leiandros: They must be keeping her underground. With hooves and heroics, we shall save her.
  • Leiandros: But Zakros is well-defended. How should we proceed?

  • Kassandra: Quietly. I'll try to sneak in. Stay back here until it's safe.
  • Leiandros: I can be stealthy!
  • Kassandra: You have horns.

Leiandros sighed.

  • Leiandros: Go, I'll do my best to distract the guards.

Leiandros ran off as they set the stealth plan into motion.

  • Leiandros: Where is your honor, you masked malákes?!
  • Leiandros: The Minotaur calls you! Come and face me! Show me your bravery...
  • Leiandros: By leaving the safety of your fortress and coming out into the open!

Kassandra infiltrated the ruins of Zakros near where Leiandros had begun his distraction.

  • Leiandros: Rooooooooooar!!!
  • Leiandros: Look at me! Over here, everyone! It's the Minotaur! And he's—he's so angry, right now, at you?
  • Leiandros: Mooooooo!!!
  • Leiandros: Face me!

While Leiandros had them distracted, she dispatched the bandits in her path and made her way to the lower caves, where she spotted Amara and another civilian in a cage.

  • Kassandra: Found her!
  • Civilian: I didn't do anything. Let me go! Please... please...!
  • Civilian: Their masks... Their masks...
  • Amara: No, please—I've been quiet! I haven't cried! I—I can be silent... Don't hurt me...
  • Amara: Please, find my father! Find Leiandros!

Kassandra released them both. The civilian ran off while Amara stuck close to her savior.

  • Kassandra: Take cover! I'll find you when I know it's safe.
  • Amara: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kassandra escorted Amara out of the ruins.

  • Amara: You saved me.
  • Kassandra: Well—

Leiandros approached them wearing the mask. Amara gasped.

  • Amara: Is that the Minotaur?!

  • Kassandra: Show her.

Leiandros removed his mask and smiled at his daughter.

  • Amara: ...Father...? You're the Minotaur?!
  • Leiandros: Maybe don't tell your mother.

  • Amara: I waited and waited and—you weren't going to leave me here, were you? You were just working on your plan to save me, right pater?
  • Leiandros: Of course. I was always coming for you, I just... needed to find something first.
  • Kassandra: The people who took you... If there's anything you overheard, anything that could help me stop them—
  • Amara: While I pretended to sleep, their leader spoke of a meeting place in Kydonia. I wrote down all the Masked Men's whisperings. Hopefully something in here will be useful to you.
  • Leiandros: My friend, we're heading to my wife. She keeps a vigil for Amara at the Warrior's Rest. Come with us. See the gift you gave—our family, together.
  • Kassandra: After you.

Kassandra left with them back to Warrior's Rest.

Back at Warrior's Rest, Amara ran to her mother.

  • Kore: Amara, Amara! You're alive!
  • Amara: Mater!

Kassandra and Leiandros drew closer.

  • Kore: My family...

She looked at Kassandra.

  • Kore: You did this?

  • Kassandra: Thank Leiandros. When the time came for action, he charged, despite being outskilled and... out-costumed. He fought courageously. Your husband is no coward.
  • Kore: Perhaps there are some heroes here.

  • Leiandros: No one's ever won the Prize of Pephka! Everyone who's died facing the "Minotaur" has had their drachmae go in the vault, growing year by year. And now... a tiny, but well earned, portion of it is yours!

Kassandra started to thank him, until she realized how little she was getting.

  • Kassandra: Thank you for a tiny portion?!
  • Leiandros: Of course! Less taxes, reasonable operational expenses and—

Kassandra lunged at him.

  • Leiandros: I'll make sure all of it reaches your boat, misthios! You've earned it! Haha!
  • Leiandros: Oh, and—this is for you.

He handed her his mask.

  • Leiandros: A coward doesn't deserve to be the Minotaur. You do.
  • Kassandra: Quite the compliment.
  • Kore: Pephka is no longer safe for us. Freeing Amara will bring repercussions from people who are not known to be forgiving. But we're alive, and whatever future we have—we have it only because of you.

Kassandra patted Kore on the shoulder.

  • Kassandra: Be safe.

Kore took her leave and joined her husband and daughter, off to whatever future awaited them. Kassandra headed off to find and kill Melite, leader of the Cultists in Pephka.

  • Kassandra:
  • Leiandros:


Kassandra freed Amara from captivity and learned the location of Melite, a member of the Worshippers of the Bloodline branch of the Cult of Kosmos.


  • The name of this quest has a double meaning. "No more bull" references the fact that Leiandros stops playing the Minotaur, but is also short for "no more bullshit", which also references Leiandros' role as Minotaur.


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