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No Chains Too Thick was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek returns to the bureau to debrief with Tahira.


After assassinating Tacito, Ampelius and Ptahmose, Bayek returned to the Hidden Ones Bureau in Klysma. He met with Tahira.

  • Bayek: Three dead, as promised.
  • Tahira: That leaves Rufio.

Bayek nodded.

  • Bayek: He will be drawn to the Sinai by the news of these deaths.
  • Tahira: Gamilat is now hero of the land. The people speak of no one else.
ACO THO No Chains Too Thick 02

Tahira concerned about the rebel's cause

Bayek looked at Tahira.

  • Bayek: You seem troubled.
  • Tahira: The cause of the rebels is just, but I've seen how often simple villagers get caught in the battles, many losing their lives.
  • Bayek: Have you spoken to him about this?
  • Tahira: To him, they are martyrs. Their deaths inspire their families to join the rebels.

Kashta jumped down from the roof.

  • Tahira: Kashta!
  • Kashta: Fire! Get out now!

Fire bombs are dropped into the bureau. The place was consumed with flames almost immediately.

  • Roman Soldier: Smoke them out!
ACO THO No Chains Too Thick 04

Bayek and Kashta trying to free Tahira

A burning block dropped onto Tahira, trapping her.

  • Bayek: Carry her out!

While Bayek lifted the block, Kashta pulled Tahira out.

  • Bayek: Through the passage!

Bayek fled through the tunnel passageway, only to be greeted by a Roman soldier, who knocked him unconscious.

  • Roman Soldier: We have their leader!

Bayek was taken away and tied onto a wooden cross and prepared to be crucified. A soldier woke him up with the tip of his spear. Bayek woke up.

  • Roman Guard: The vultures will have their meal today. (laughs)
  • Bayek: I will kill you all.
  • Roman Guard: (laughs)
ACO THO No Chains Too Thick 08

Amunet arriving

A knife flew towards Bayek, cutting his right hand lose. The Roman guard attempted to kill Bayek with his spear, but Bayek was able to shift his body out of the way and seize the spear. As the soldier drew his sword, Bayek threw the spear through him. As Bayek attempted to cut himself loose, the other soldier noticed and ran towards him. Before the soldier could kill Bayek, a hooded figure appeared from behind and assassinated him, revealing herself to be Amunet.

  • Bayek: Amunet!
  • Amunet: Put some clothes on. Show some decency.
  • Bayek: (laughing)
ACO THO No Chains Too Thick 09

Bayek preparing to rescue Kashta and Tahira

Bayek redressed and re-equipped himself while Amunet criticized the Sinai bureau's methods.

  • Amunet: ...and you attracted too much attention, even in Rome we heard of the Sinai bureau.
  • Bayek: I know, the fire was proof of this. Right now we need to find Tahira and Kashta.
  • Amunet: They are imprisoned in Fort Clostra.
  • Bayek: I will head straight in.
  • Amunet: I'll check the perimeter, there are centurions everywhere. Meet me at the far side of fort Clostra.
  • Bayek: We will reunite once we have our Hidden Ones.

Amunet met her way to the meeting point. Bayek entered the fort, eliminating the Romans soldiers. He found a heavily injured Tahira in one of the tents.

  • Tahira: Bayek!
  • Bayek: Come on Tahira! I will carry you out of here.
  • Tahira: I cannot go on, leave me a bow and I will fight them to my death!
  • Bayek: Stop speaking of your death! The Hidden Ones need you!
  • Tahira: My body is on fire. The blood of Romans is the only thing that eases this pain!
  • Tahira: Kashta is still captured. We need to free him! He may be as hurt as I am!
  • Bayek: You are right. We leave no one behind!

Bayek carried Tahira out of the fort.

  • Tahira: Oh lord of the Duat, please pass me through to the field of reeds...
  • Bayek: Stay with me Tahira! Fight it, do not give up!
  • Tahira: The world is fading from my sight Bayek...

Bayek reached the meeting point.

  • Bayek: Kashta is still in the fort!
  • Tahira: You have to get him! I'll be fine here!

Bayek placed Tahira down on the ground and returned to the fort. He found Kashta held in a cage andd freed him.

  • Kashta: Bayek thank gods you are here! This fort was designed by Osiris!
  • Bayek: It is madness.
  • Kashta: Tahira is badly burned. I fear for her life. They took her away.
  • Bayek: Follow me, be ready to fight.

Bayek and Kashta made their way through the fort and regrouped with Amunet and Tahira at the meeting point. Bayek loaded Tahira onto the back of a horse. He then mounted the horse while Kashta mounted one alone, and they followed Amunet to her camp.

  • Amunet: We need to get out of here, Romans could come at any time. Follow me to my camp.
  • Bayek: It sickens me to see Tahira like this!
  • Amunet: At my camp we can help her.
  • Bayek: Nek! Why gods! Do not take my great sister!
  • Amunet: We must have a traitor among the Hidden Ones, who could have let this happen?
  • Bayek: All swear an oath. We have been played for whekas!
  • Amunet: All? Are you sure of this? We can no longer trust anyone.
  • Bayek: Our wisdom is faltering.
  • Amunet: The same happened with Brutus and Cassius. The more known we are, the less safe the brotherhood is.
  • Bayek: Well, let us pray the gods will keep Tahira for us, she is invaluable to maintaining Nabatea.
  • Amunet: We're almost there.
  • Tahira: Great Amun, be merciful...

The Hidden Ones arrived at Amunet's camp. Tahira was laid on the ground and given medicine to drink.

  • Tahira: (coughing)

Bayek looked at Amunet, who shook her head, implying that Tahira was not going to survive.

  • Tahira: I let you down, Bayek.

Bayek held Tahira's hand.

  • Bayek: You let no one down. You are as loyal as a mountain.
  • Tahira: We built something I believe in.
  • Bayek: You are the first oath taker, savior to many, and a Hidden One.
  • Tahira: Don't let our creed fade.
ACO Tahira's death

Tahira's death

Tahira succumbed to her wounds and passed away. Kashta passed Tahira's Hidden Blade to Bayek, who folded it in Tahira's hands.

  • Kashta: I will kill everyone. All the Romans.

Kashta started towards the exit with his head down, but Amunet stopped him. She placed her hands on his face to console and counsel him.

  • Amunet: You will take Tahira to the mountains. Somewhere she can be given a proper burial.

She moved her hands to his elbows and signaled to Bayek.

  • Amunet: We will carry on. Let us kill Rufio.

Bayek glanced back at Amunet in agreement.


The Hidden Ones were ambushed by Rufio's soldiers in their bureau, resulting in their capture. Bayek was freed by Amunet, allowing him to free Kashta and a heavily wounded Tahira. Regrouping at Amunet's camp, Tahira' passed away from her injuries.



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