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ACO Nitria

A view of Nitria at night

Nitria was an Egyptian village located in the middle of Saqqara Nome.

The village housed workers for the natron quarry around which the village was built. the village was the main source of natron–used to dry out the bodies of the recently dead during the mummification process–for the entire kingdom.[1]


In 48 BCE, the Medjay, Bayek, was brought to the quarry by Nefertari, the chief healer of the village, who had found an injured Bayek outside the nearby Bent Pyramid, following his assassination of Rudjek, the nomarch of Saqqare Nome and a member of the Order of the Ancients. When Bayek regained conscious, he left the village immediately, returning to Siwa without uttering a word to Nefertari.[2]

Several months later, Bayek returned the village, intending to give his thanks to Nefertari for her help. Upon his return, he was kicked in the crotch by the widow of Rudjek, before learning that the killing of Rudjek had given him a bad reputation in the settlement. Bayek was then made aware of an "omen" that plagued the village; nearby shrines of Anubis had been disrupted and several villagers had gone missing while attempting to restore them. Workers had also started sustaining more serious injuries at a faster rate. Bayek then took on the task of restoring the shrines in and around Nitria, as a way of repaying Nefertari's favor and making recompense to the villagers.[2]

Having done so, Bayek returned Nefertari, reporting to her that he had found charms of Anubis in each of the shrines, believing someone had sabotaged them on purpose. Nefertari assured Bayek that she would investigate and requested him to aid her assistant, Suphia, in treating the rebels nearby.[2]



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