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Nightcap was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


After talking with his brother Federico on a nearby church rooftop at the end of their race, Ezio told him that he needed to visit Cristina Vespucci at her house.


  • Federico: Alright. Enough of that. We really should head home. Let's go.
  • Ezio: Wait.
  • Federico: What...?

Federico looked towards Cristina's house.

  • Federico: Ezio! Let Cristina sleep.
  • Ezio: There will be time enough for that – later.

Federico sighed, and Ezio performed a Leap of Faith.

Nightcap 1

Vieri and his men looking for Ezio

  • Ezio: Cazzo, (Fuck) it's Vieri, I'd better hide.
  • Vieri: Keep looking! He couldn't have gotten far...

Ezio was able to hide until Vieri left to continue the search elsewhere. He then made his way over to Cristina's house.

  • Ezio: Cristina... Cristina!
  • Cristina: Who's there?
  • Ezio: Me!
  • Cristina: Ezio! I should have known.
  • Ezio: May I come in?
  • Cristina: Fine. But only for a minute.
  • Ezio: A minute is all I need.
  • Cristina: Indeed.
  • Ezio: Wait... that came out wrong.

Ezio climbed up to Cristina's window.

Nightcap 4

Ezio and Cristina kissing

  • Ezio: Come here.

Cristina sighed happily.

  • Cristina: Oh, Ezio...

Ezio pulled down the upper part of Christina's night wear.

  • Cristina: Oh, Ezio...

Ezio and Cristina spent the night together.

  • Antonio: Cristina! Cristina!
    Sveglia! (Wake up!) Your tutor will be here soon!
    Come, my daughter... Is it really so terrible tha–
    Figlio d'un cane!
    (Son of a bitch!) What is this?!
  • Ezio: Perdonate, Messere! Chiedo venia! (Forgive me, sir! I beg your pardon!)
  • Antonio: I'll kill you!
  • Ezio: Now, now! That's not necessary...
  • Antonio: Guards! Guards! Voglio la sua testa! (Bring me his head!)

Guards advanced on Ezio, but he outran them.

  • Ezio: There's really no need for violence...
    You have me confused with someone else...
    She needed some help... with... some things...
    I'm mostly innocent!


Ezio spent the night with Cristina Vespucci. However, he was discovered by her father the next morning, before escaping the guards that were ordered to chase after him.



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