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Nigel in for the Chop was a virtual representation of one of Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Evie learned of Nigel Bumble's arrest and set out to destroy the evidence against him.


  • Agnes: Nigel's in a spot o' trouble!
    Nigel's put his foot in it again!
    Nigel went out drinkin' with the gang last night. They run up 'gainst some Templars and killed one! But Nigel was too sozzled to get away. Now the constables have him up for murder!

Evie went to the Strand to speak with Nigel, who was being held in a police carriage.

  • Nigel: Lemme out! Please!
  • Sergeant: Shut your trap!
  • Nigel: I didn't do nothin'!
  • Sergeant: You're dead, lad!
  • Nigel: You got no cause to lock me up!
  • Sergeant: They all say the same thing.
    This is going to go bad for you. Confess and you'll save us all some grief.
  • Nigel: I didn't do nothin', s'welp me bob! (so help me God)

The Sergeant struck the bars of the carriage with his baton, causing Nigel to recoil. As the Sergeant ambled away, Evie snuck up to the carriage.

ACS Nigel in for the Chop 3

Nigel speaking with Evie

  • Nigel: Miss Evie! We kept buyin' drinks, and next thing I know, they say I burked (killed) someone!
  • Evie: Nigel.
  • Nigel: I had one too many and lost all me things. They must be scattered all about! There's a knife out there too! Could ya get them afore the rozzers do?

Having sensed the Sergeant's return, Evie quickly hid.

  • Sergeant: You there! Shut up!

Evie decided to get rid of the evidence against Nigel and went to the first investigation zone.

  • Policemen: Right, lads! Find some evidence before the Chief Inspector arrives!
    The Chief Inspector is due any second!
    Hurry up! The Chief Inspector will be here soon!
    Keep the passers-by away from the blood.
    The guilty party doesn't have a hat. If you find a hat that fits 'im, that's a death warrant!
    We'll find a knife, if I'm not mistaken.
    The lad's a bad penny, you can tell just by looking at him.
    We'll be needin' a murder weapon.
    Must be something here somewhere.
    Here's something!...Uh, oh. No. Nothing!

Evie buried the first piece of evidence, a hat, under gravel so it was no longer visible. She then continued towards the second investigation zone.

  • Policeman 1: I just saw something hereabouts. Where on earth did it disappear to?
    Men! Come over here! Something's gone missing!
    Go about your business, lads. Secure the area.

Evie stole the second piece of evidence, a knife.

  • Policeman 2: I could swear by the Almighty there was something right here!
    Lads! Over here! I'm certain something important was right here. It's been taken!
    All right. Perhaps I was mistaken. Go make certain nothing else is disturbed.

Evie ripped apart the third piece of evidence, a note.

  • Policeman 3: Something was here a minute ago. I seen it outta the corner a' me eye!
    Need some of you over here! I'm certain somethin's been moved.
    Nothing here any longer. Let's cover the rest of the area!

Evie then picked up the body of the Blighter and hid it in a hiding spot nearby.

  • Policeman 4: Sergeant! Where in the name of all that's holy is the body?!
    The body was right here, I swear it!
    Where's the bloody body?
    The body's gone missing!

Evie then returned to speak with the Chief Inspector.

  • Sergeant: Good day, Chief Inspector. We've almost finished gathering the evidence.
  • Chief Inspector: Hurry up about it. I want to look it over.
  • Sergeant: Get moving then, lads. Bring in the evidence!

Evie spoke with the Chief Inspector.

ACS Nigel in for the Chop 5

Evie asking about the evidence against Nigel

  • Evie: On what evidence are you holding this man?
  • Chief Inspector: Why, on, erm... Sergeant?
  • Evie: I believe at a minimum, you need a body.
  • Sergeant: We can't find a thing, Inspector.
  • Chief Inspector: You botched another one, Sergeant.


Evie successfully destroyed the evidence, ensuring that Nigel would be released from police custody.



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