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"Nigel's put his foot in it again!"
―Agnes on Nigel, 1868.[src]-[m]

Nigel Bumble (born 1852) was a member of the Assassin-affiliated gang called the Rooks, which were active during the mid-19th century. Although he was well-intentioned, Nigel had a knack for getting in trouble, frequently requiring the assistance of the Rooks' leaders, Jacob and Evie Frye.


Early life

Nigel was born to a family lacking in financial means; his father went door-to-door selling buttons, while his mother salvaged fabrics from distressed bumbershoots. In an effort to contribute, he and his siblings, two brothers and a sister, formed a musical ensemble. They intended to perform in the docks, but ultimately never did, as Nigel, startled by a goose, accidentally swallowed his mouth harp at one point.[1]

When Nigel turned sixteen, his parents decided to move north. However, he somehow got separated from his family at the train station, which left the young man to fend for himself.[1] That same year, Nigel heard of the Rooks, a gang that was gaining power in London.[2]

Joining the Rooks

Agnes: "All right, laddie. I can use ya ta tidy up the train a bit, if ya dunna min' gettin' dirty."
Nigel: "Really? Terrific! You won't regret it, miss!"
—Agnes allowing Nigel to join the Rooks, 1868.[src]

Wanting to join the Rooks, Nigel sought to know more about them and eventually learned of Agnes MacBean, the minder of the train that was used as the gang's base of operations. He began following her during her errands, but his behavior made him obvious to onlookers. During one of Agnes' outings, he attempted to blend with two workers, who quickly grew annoyed with him.[2]

Nigel getting caught by Evie and Agnes

Nigel blurted out that she was part of the Rooks, unaware that the two men were affiliated with the Blighters, before continuing on. Ignorant to the danger he had placed Agnes in, he resumed following her; meanwhile, Evie, who had been tracking Nigel at her friend's request, eliminated the Blighters' reinforcements, ensuring Agnes' safety.[2]

Through tailing Agnes, Nigel eventually found the train hideout and was promptly pulled insideand subjected to an interrogation by the two women. He identified himself and expressed his desire to join the Rooks. Agnes relented and allowed the young man to join the gang as her helper in tidying up the train.[2]

Conflict with the Blighters

"Ya, I nicked it off the gang 'cross town. Got 'em all stewed, and then took it when they was asleep!"
―Nigel describing his theft of the Gatling gun, 1868.[src]

Sometime after joining the gang, Nigel went out for a night of drinking with some of his fellow gang members. However, he somehow became mixed up in the murder of a Blighter and, having been too drunk to properly make his escape, was arrested. Evie subsequently came to his rescue, destroying the evidence the police had on him.[2]

When the Chief Inspector later arrived, the arresting sergeant had no more proof and was left humiliated. Informing him that he had no evidence that confirmed Nigel's involvement, Evie succeeded in getting the young Rook released from police custody.[2]

To show his gratitude, Nigel got a group of Blighters drunk and subsequently stole their Gatling gun. After having it installed on the Train Hideout, he showed it off to Jacob, but the two found themselves attacked by Blighters shortly thereafter. Thanks to the Gatling gun, Jacob was able to fend off the aggressors, though the weapon itself ultimately overheated, forcing them to abandon it, much to Nigel's disappointment.[2]




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