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Next Stop: Murder! was a virtual representation of one of Jacob and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob or Evie encountered a citizen near the Thames.


  • Citizen: Hey! Someone help! Some tramp found something down there! Looks like foul play!

Jacob or Evie started their investigation.



  • Vagrant (body): I heard a splash an' right quick pulled this bloke out a' the shallows. Dead as a mackerel.
  • Vagrant (shelter): I live there, now. If you can call it livin'. I lost my job, didn't I? No need for the likes of me when a machine can do the work.
  • Vagrant (coat): A nice, warm coat like that on a dead man, what do you expect? I snatched it afore somebody else come along to nick it. Like you!
  • Vagrant (midnight): The midnight train? That must be the 616. Stops in the station down the road. If you hurry, it might still be there.

Victoria train station

  • Trainmaster (train 616): You better hurry. It's leaving right now!

Restaurant carriage

  • Peter (last evening): It was a typical evening. As far as I knew, nothing unusual happened until you came aboard with this story of a murder.
  • Peter (midnight): I was tidying up the passenger car. Around midnight, Vivian ran through - she thought someone was looking for her.
  • Peter (Killian): Just another wealthy passenger. They're all pretty much the same.
  • Peter (Vivian): She rides the train often. She's very friendly with the other passengers.
  • Ryan (last evening): Nothing unusual. Couple of passengers came in and had a sort of business meeting. One of 'em was buying a lot of drinks for the other, and then they started to argue. But Vivian went over and joshed them out of it.
  • Ryan (Peter): Peter? Nice bloke. Came here after being sacked from a foundry a few months ago. I'll tell you, he looked white as a ghost after he served the businessmen.
  • Ryan (Vivian): She's a frequent passenger, that one. Hangs about with the wealthier sort. Likes to 'entertain' 'em, if you take my meanin'.
  • Ryan (pills): Oh, er - well, it's a noisy train. Plenty of passengers have trouble getting to sleep, so I keep a sedative here behind the bar. Yeah?
  • Ryan (scheme): Yeah, I help Vivian fleece the dupes. I slipped a pill in the wine for the table. Both gents got sleepy, but Vivian picked the richest one.

Passenger carriage

  • Luke (last evening): Odd thing was, some noises on the roof woke me up briefly. You say someone was thrown from up there? You'd have to be a very strong fellow to drag someone up onto the roof!
  • Luke (midnight): Vivian had another of her dupes in her compartment by then. After that, I remember people going past me from time to time, but I was half-asleep.
  • Luke (Killian): Killian was on this train? Gor, I used to work at his foundry. I never even seen him. None a' us workers ever knew what he looked like.
  • Luke (Vivian): That one! Clever little minx. She and the barman got a little scam goin'. I think everyone on staff knows about it.
  • Luke (Peter): Oh, Peter worked with me at the foundry. He's a very strong bloke. I got me arm mangled in one of the damned machines they put in. Then Killian sacked the whole crew. Peter, he helped me get hired as train staff.

Sleeper 1

  • Sam (last evening): Mr. Wolf had a few with Mr. Killian. Then the young lady invited herself over to have a glass with 'em.
  • Sam (midnight): Mr. Wolf became terribly tired even though he'd only had one drink. He toddled off to bed well before midnight. I stayed in the dining car for a few drinks with the barman.
  • Sam (Killian): Mr. Wolf bought him drink after drink. Then they got angry. But the young lady come over and it's obvious that Mr. Killian was interested in a rendez-vous, like. Around about eleven-thirty, Killian and her left together.
  • Sam (Wolf): I been Mr. Wolf's valet for goin' on several years. He's frail and needs a man like me to help him about.
  • Wolf (last evening): I had drinks in the dining car with Killian. We had business dealings in the past. It was a pleasant surprise to discover him on this train.
  • Wolf (Killian): I suppose there were some disagreements, but there always are when a great deal of money is involved.
  • Wolf (midnight): I felt unusually tired and came back here to get some sleep.
  • Wolf (valet): Sam? He's a trusted valet. He's terrifically strong, which makes him useful in many situations.
  • Wolf (Vivian): You mean the young lady? She and Killian hit it off famously. Embarrassing, really.

Sleeper 2

  • Vivian (last evening): Nothing unusual at all! I had a drink with some gents and then retired to my sleeper.
  • Vivian (note): Someone slipped a note under my sleeper door a few minutes before midnight. It said I should come to the dining car. I went, but only Ryan and Wolf's man were there and they were both drunk.
  • Vivian (Killian): The rich fella? I did talk with him. Very charming, but a single woman has to be careful, you know. Did something happen to him?
  • Vivian (letter from sister): Oh, all right. I flirt with rich blokes and the barman slips 'em a mickey. I take 'em back to my sleeper and they nod off before I have to do anything shameful. They wake up thinkin' they had a night o' fun and hand me a few quid. That's what happened with Mr. Killian, but he was gone when I come back from looking for the man who left the note.



  • Coat - A rich man's coat with a name sewed in the lining: Matthew Killian.
  • Body - Male body dressed in the manner of a wealthy businessman. He is wearing only one shoe. The man has sustained multiple fractures indicating a fall from a great height. There are no identifying documents.
  • Pocket watch - A broken, silver watch. The hands have stopped just after midnight.

Restaurant car

  • Newspaper - An article about Matthew Killian's efforts to close an enormous business deal in Wales. It notes that Killian is well known for replacing workers with machinery. There is a likeness of Killian in the paper which matches the victim.
  • Pamphlets - "Down with the Industrialists! Down with the Monarchy! Revolution is the only way!"
  • Sleeping pills - A small box of sleeping pills. It is half-empty.

Passenger car

  • Shoe - Caught on a bolt at the top of the carriage is a shoe matching the one found on the fictim.

Sleeper 1

  • Derringer - A small, ivory-plated derringer. Chamber for two bullets, but one is missing.
  • Letter - "Killian will be on the 616 train to Cardiff to sign the papers. You must prevent him from signing them at all costs or we shall be ruined!"

Sleeper 2

  • Handbag - Contains a letter: "How goes it, Viv? Hook any more fish? It's a lovely caper you've got going - I need to find me a bonny scheme like that. Let's have a glass next time you're in Soho, luv! - Your sis."
  • Note - A handwritten note: "Come to the restaurant carriage quickly."


Peter was accused of the murder.

  • Peter: I gave him what he deserved. The man was heartless.
  • Arthur: I believe something larger is afoot. A lot of murderous anger concerning industrialists. Might be something to look into.



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