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ToKW Pyramid

King Washington's unfinished pyramid

The New York Pyramid was, in an alternate reality brought on by an Apple of Eden, the base of operations for King Washington during the rebellion against his rule.

It was constructed in the center of the city of New York and served as the location of the final battle of the rebellion. The Pyramid suffered notable structural damage, due in no small part to the duel between King Washington and Ratonhnhaké:ton.


  • An unfinished pyramid with a missing top appears on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States, together with an Eye in a triangle.
    • Within the structure, several symbols of an eye inside a pyramid could be seen.
    • According to several conspiracy theories, the images on the Seal were influenced by Freemasonry, which was historically practiced by Washington and several other Founding Fathers, and by the Illuminati.



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