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New Kid in Town was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Nehi, a new arrival to Letopolis, abandoned his ox cart outside town. Bayek offers to find it.


Bayek travelled to the city of Letopolis. In front of the Temple of Horus, he encountered a crier named Ramessu, who welcomed the citizens to the city. He talked to a group of citizens gathered in front of him.

  • Ramessu: Welcome, welcome to Letopolis! Dream of the great Taharqa. A new life awaits you in the glorious city of Letopolis! A chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure! This entire city was lost to the cruel desert in the time of our ancestors. But the great Taharqa rediscovered its secrets! He is uncovering it to shine again under the sun, and dedicating the city to Horus. With bright wings, we will reach the stars!

He talked to one of the citizen.

  • Ramessu: Welcome, friend! A new life awaits you here, in Letopolis, the city of Horus! Come, find your path, and walk into a new age with us!
  • Ramessu: Come, Neb, are you ready to work to free yourself? Join us, and take a house as your reward!
  • Man: I have heard the stories!
  • Ramessu: A guide will show you your new house. You have to dig it free, and to help with the public works, to be welcome here.

Ramessu talked to another citizen.

  • Ramessu: Welcome, Nebet! The city of Egypt's future welcomes all!
  • Woman: Is it true forgotten secrets are discovered every day?
  • Ramessu: Hah! Many lost works and fragments of the old world are found here. Perhaps not every day, but often enough to make us wonder.

Bayek approached Ramessu.

Bayek talks to the crier Ramessu.

  • Ramessu: Welcome, welcome to Letopolis! I never forget a face and I have not seen yours before. You've found it! Your new home! A miracle of a man's labor! The great work begins!
  • Bayek: No, that's not wha-
  • Ramessu: You just don't know it yet! We give every new arrival a house. Only dig it out, and help with the public works. A fresh start!
  • Bayek: I am not here to live in these tough sands.
  • Ramessu: Speak to some of our new inhabitants, like Nehi. He can tell you how liberating it is to leave the past behind.
  • Bayek: I cannot my past like a snake sheds his skin.

Bayek visited Nehi, who was walking around the city.

  • Nehi: My cart is gone! Can anyone help?
  • Man: Pathetic fool. Stop bothering me!

Nehi (top-middle) asking anyone for help.

  • Nehi: Khufu and Chiera are gone!
  • Man: Eh? Who are they?
  • Nehi: My beloved oxen! Can you help me get my cart?
  • Man: Crying over oxen? Hah! Piss off!
  • Nehi: Please! I need help!
  • Woman: Ugh. Get away from me! I have things to do!

Bayek approached Nehi.

  • Nehi: By the gods, what am I to do?
  • Bayek: Peace, friend. What happened?
  • Nehi: The gods have cursed me! I lost my f-farm and m-my wife to my brother, in Y-Yamu, and now I've lost what little I owned! M-my cart got stuck in a ditch far from town! As night came on, I heard terrible roars... And I just left them! My poor oxen! Everything I owned! What-what am I to do?
  • Bayek: Roars? There are no large beasts in this region.
  • Nehi: I did not stay to find out! They were the last gift I got from my father, Khufu and Chiera! And-and I left them there! With all I own!
  • Bayek: When I am out that way, I will see what I can find. For now, do what you can on your new house.
  • Nehi: My-my thanks. My house is to the right of the entrance to the temple. May you fly with the bright wings of Horus!

Bayek travelled out of the city to look for Nehi's oxen in the desert. He found Nehi's cart in the desert ruins next to a small oasis.

Fanatics hiding in ambush near the ox-cart.

  • Bayek: Quiet there, let's see how you are tangled-

A group of bandits and their lions came out of hiding and attacked Bayek.

  • Bandit: Hah! Another sacrifice to the Mistress of Dread! Spill the outsider's blood! For the Lady of Slaughter!

Bayek eliminated the bandits and the lions. He rode Nehi's oxen cart back to Letopolis.

  • Bayek: A good thing I came looking for you. I fear Nehi would be dead, and you'd be lion food otherwise.

He parked the cart outside Nehi's house then approached and talked to him.

Bayek returned the ox-cart to Nehi.

  • Nehi: Bayek! You found Khufu and Chiera! Today I cry tears of joy!
  • Bayek: Look how much you've done since I've been gone.
  • Nehi: I found something strange inside the house. It arouses my curiosity, and yet terrifies me. W-will you look?
  • Bayek: Show me.

Bayek and Nehi walked down to the ground floor.

  • Nehi: As I dug out the main room, I f-f-found ominous writings on the wall. Old writings. I have no idea what they say, but it scares me in my bones.
  • Bayek: These are old. But incomplete. Too much is missing.
  • Nehi: Erased by time and sand. Do you... d-do you think it's a curse?
  • Bayek: I will ask around town.
  • Nehi: All r-right. What should I do? I don't know if I c-c-can sleep here!
  • Bayek: You will be fine.

They went outside house.

  • Nehi: You should s-speak to Ramessu. He knows everyone in town, and everything that happens here.
  • Bayek: I'm sure he does.

Bayek returned to Ramessu in front of the Temple of Horus.

  • Ramessu: I've seen that dour face before. You've come for your house!
  • Bayek: No, I-
  • Ramessu: You would clear a house in no time.
  • Bayek: Enough! At Nehi's house, he showed me strange writings.
  • Ramessu: Nothing to worry you, friend. Three others have said the same thing. But these signs are too old to be made sense of.
  • Bayek: I will check with them.
  • Ramessu: You are wasting your time, but as you will.

Bayek travelled to three of the homes to speak with the inhabitants. He spoke to one of the residents.

Bayek approaching one of the inhabitants.

  • Man: Yes? What can I help you with?
  • Bayek: Ramessu said you found strange hieroglyphs in your house?
  • Man: Yes. I thought they were kind of creepy. I think someone else may have found the same thing.
  • Bayek: May I look?
  • Man: Sure. Go on and take a look.

Bayek entered the man's house and investigated the writings on the wall.

  • Bayek: Looks like the same style. Perhaps part of the same message.

Bayek took out a roll of papyrus and deciphered the writings on the wall. He then travelled to another resident's home and spoke to her.

  • Bayek: May I ask you something?
  • Woman: Hmm? Yes, what?
  • Bayek: Nehi found a strange symbol in his house, like you. May I take a look?
  • Woman: Certainly. He's new, yes? He'd be cute if he didn't look like he was always about to cry. Tell him I asked how he was. My name's Nebefer.

Bayek entered the woman's house and discovered the writings on one of its walls.

  • Bayek: More of the message.

He took out a roll of papyrus and deciphered the writings. He then travelled to another resident's home and spoke to him.

  • Man: Are you new here?
  • Bayek: Passing through. But looking into a mystery. Did you find ancient hieroglyphs in your house?

Bayek deciphering the writings.

  • Man: Didn't everyone? Didn't worry me much. Why, does it mean something?
  • Bayek: Not sure yet. May I look?
  • Man: Don't see why not. Tell me if I should worry!

Bayek entered the man's house and travelled to the second floor, where he discovered the writings on the wall.

  • Bayek: Another part of the message.

He took out a roll of papyrus and deciphered the writings, completing the whole message.

  • Prophetic Message:
    If your feet are firm in Letopolis, look west to the pyramids. Within the golden dunes lies the Temple of a Million Years, guarded by stone lionesses.
  • Bayek: That's the whole message. It appears to be a prophetic vision. Where is the temple?

Following the clues of the message, Bayek eventually discovered the temple's location, buried by sand. He discovered a group of bandits investigating the area and eliminated them. He then entered the ruins through a small crack in the walls.

Bayek arriving at the buried temple roamed by fanatics.

  • Bayek: What did the priests hope to achieve in their last ceremony, so long ago?

He entered the main chamber and investigated two decomposed bodies leaning against the wall.

  • Bayek: These men... they were wab priests. Were they killed, or did they choose this fate for themselves?

He investigated a vase on a stone slab.

  • Bayek: Some ancient concoction, long since dried up.

He investigated a papyrus on the table.

Inside the temple.

  • Bayek: Hm. A prayer.
  • Prayer papyrus to Sekhmet:
    O Lion-Headed Lady of Flame, daughter of Ra, Queen of the Two Lands, Mistress of the House of Scales, Master of Apep and Ammit, She Who Mauls... we invoke you in all your names and all your places, and give you this city as a gift. Breathe the desert upon it and consume it, take it whole... and in return keep your dreadful powers from harming the pharaohs and the rest of Egypt.

He investigated a statue of Sekhmet.

  • Bayek: The Lady of Slaughter. This place was dedicated to Sekhmet, then. I thought Letopolis was home to Horus.

Having found all the clues, Bayek was able to recreate the scene which took place in the temple. In the scene, the wab priests bow down in front the statue to Sekhmet and made their prayers. They made an invocation and created a concoction, which they drank to sacrifice their lives to Sekhmet.

  • Bayek: Letopolis was sacrificed to the gods by the ancients so the rest of the Nile could be granted to the realm of men. These priests made an invocation for protection to the One Before Whom Evil Trembles. In drinking their concoction, they gave their lives, as well as their city, to Sekhmet. In their eyes Taharqa's project would be sacrilegious.

Recreation of the priests communing with the goddess.

Bayek left the ruins and returned to Nehi's home in Letopolis.

  • Nehi: Ah! Bayek! I'm g-getting used to living with these symbols. Nebefer even came by for a meal. Did you find out anything?
  • Bayek: I did. Though I'm not sure you are going to like it.
  • Nehi: A curse! I knew it!
  • Bayek: No, not exactly... Letopolis was an offering to Sekhmet, to protect the rest of the Nile.
  • Nehi: We have offended the L-Lady of Slaughter!? No wonder the sands always blow! She wants to reclaim the city. Are the officials blind, or mad? I can't stay here. Maybe Nebefer will come with me. What about you?
  • Bayek: My time here is but temporary.
  • Nehi: You were kind to me when others were not. Maybe we will see each other again in this world.


Bayek retrieved Nehi's oxen cart of belongings. Returning to him, he discovered old writings on the walls of homes in the city and after investigating, he discovered the source of the writings.



  • If Taharqa has been assassinated prior to this memory, Ramessu will address him as the "late Taharqa" rather than the "great Taharqa". Similarly, if Taharqa's dead, Ramessu will mention how Letopolis is "The final dream"; while Taharqa's alive, the phrase is just "A dream", instead.


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