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New Jersey is a state located in the northeastern region of the United States, bordered by New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. It was one of the thirteen colonies that claimed independence from Great Britain during the American Revolutionary War.


Before the war, the Assassin Connor sent his apprentices to inform the Patriots in New Jersey of a Loyalist named Dan Bowen, who hoarded British tea in his cellar. During the war, Connor aided the Continental Army at the Battles of Trenton and Red Bank by sending his recruits to assassinate the British commanders Johann Rall and Carl Emilius von Donop.[1] Connor himself stood by George Washington as the army crossed the Delaware River during the attack on Trenton on 25 December 1776.[2]

In 1778, after being alerted by Connor and Haytham Kenway, the Continental Army marched from Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, to intercept the British - who were moving from Philadelphia to New York - at Monmouth. [3] A year later, Connor sent his apprentices to protect Shepard Kollock, editor of the New Jersey Journal, whom the Templars sought to silence.[1]

In 1780, as the war's focus turned to the southern colonies, the British made several attempts to control New Jersey, but were defeated at the Battle of Springfield, thanks to the Assassins' advice to Major General Nathanael Greene.[1]


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