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Nenet was a blind Egyptian resident of Cyrenaica who lived in the Green Mountains region during the 1st century BCE.


During the mid-1st century BCE, Nenet lived in the farmlands of Kyrenaika with her son Kade. Due to her blindness, she relied largely on her son, who worked as a farmer alongside the healer Praxilla.[1] In 47 BCE, during Flavius Metellus's return to Cyrene, he made used of a relic he had recovered from the vault beneath the Temple of Amun in Siwa. As Flavius passed through the region, he used the relic to drive many of the farmers insane. Nenet was unaffected, though. However, unlike other unaffected, like her son Kade and some of their fellow farmers who were taken away to work in the Kyrenaika Roman Citadel, building weapons for the Roman army, Nenet hid and wasn't drafted.[2]

While the affected farmers began killing each other, Nenet remained in her hiding place in the balcony of a house. Sometime later, she was found by Praxilla and the Medjay Bayek of Siwa. Nenet told them what she'd observed, and they explained what they'd understood, and then escorted Nenet out of the house to safety, while dispatching various Roman soldiers. Nenet was later taken by Praxilla to her clinic in Balagrae, while waiting for Bayek to rescue her son.[2]

Sometime later, Bayek fulfilled his promise and freed Kade from the citadel, allowing Nenet to reunite with him in the clinic.[1]




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