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The Nemean Lion

"Yes, a monster! With big, red flaming eyes and a roar like Zeus' thunder!"

The Nemean Lion was a legendary lion who lived within the Sinkholes of Herakles in Argolis, Greece during the 5th century BCE.



As the first task, King Eurystheas of Mycenae commanded his cousin, Herakles, to kill the Lion which haunted Nemea near Kleonai.[1]

Arrows failed to pierce the lion's golden fur,[1] and it was believed that neither blade nor flame could harm it,[2] so Herakles had to find another way to defeat the beast. Ultimately, he trapped the lion within its cave, and used his club to stun it, managing to then kill it with his bare hands. After, Herakles became known for wearing the lion's hide.[1][2] [3][4]

5th century BCE

Years before meeting the Spartan misthios Kassandra, Barnabas and his crew found a mauled, dying man on the nearby beach. Before he passed away, the man warned Barnabas of the beast roaming the region.[5]

During the Peloponnesian War, the lion was hunted down by Kassandra at the request of Daphnae, the leader of the Daughters of Artemis. As proof of her success, Kassandra brought Daphnae the lion's pelt.[6]


The beast and other lions inhabited a sinkhole in the area, with steep walls around it, and a cave for shelter. A closed arena where neither the beast nor its attacker could easily escape from.[5]


One of Layla Hassan's Animus modifications allowed Kassandra to obtain a helmet said to have been made from the pelt of the Nemean Lion. Another modification allowed Kassandra to obtain a whole set inspired by Herakles' hunt for the lion. Yet another modification allowed Kassandra's horse Phobos to wear the Lion's pelt.[5]

When the zodiac was created, the Nemean Lion became the sign Leo.[7]




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