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Nehi was an Egyptian farmer who lived during the reign of Ptolemy XIII.


Nehi was orignally a resident of Yamu who owned a farm in the village with his wife. However, his farm was later taken over by his brother, who took his wife as well. Left with only his two oxen Khufu and Chiera, Nehi left the village and travelled east with his cart. While approaching the city of Letopolis, his cart became stuck in a ditch far from town. As the night came on, Nehi heard various roars in the nearby surrounding ruins. Fearful for his life, Nehi fled to Letopolis, leaving behind his cart and oxen.[1]

Upon his arrival in the city, Nehi was welcomed by the city crier Ramessu, who provided him with a house situated northwest of the Temple of Horus. Worried about the safety of his oxen, Nehi approached the residents of Letopolis, seeking their help to retrieve them and his cart. The Medjay Bayek of Siwa, who had been directed to Nehi by Ramessu, later offered to help him locate his cart and bring the oxen to his house. While Bayek was away, Nehi took the time to tidy up his house to stay in and along the way, he found a series of writings from the Old Kingdom on the walls. Believing them to be ominous, Nehi showed the writings to Bayek when he returned with the cart and asked him to look for Ramessu, who might know about the writings. As Nehi refused to sleep in his house, the Medjay assured him that it would be fine and that he would investigate.[1]

Sometime thereafter, Bayek returned to Nehi in his home, having investigated the writings. Bayek explained that the city was orignally offered to the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet years ago in an attempt to protect the rest of the Nile. Terrified that the city had offended the goddess, Nehi made the decision to leave the city, commenting that he and Bayek may see each other again in the future.[1]




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