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The National Socialist German Workers' Party, commonly referred to as the Nazi Party, was a far-right German political party which created and fostered the ultra-nationalist and racist ideology of Nazism. Under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, it transformed Germany into a totalitarian regime in 1933, and in 1939, sparked World War II with its aggressive campaigns of conquest across Europe. Behind-the-scenes, the Templar Order had a hand in manipulating its direction. With Nazi Germany's decisive defeat in 1945, the party was disgraced and dissolved.

By the early 1930s, members of the Templar Order had formed the Plan, in which they intended to take control of governments around the world in the wake of a war period.[1] Seeing an opportunity to bring this war to fruition, the Templars had one of its members, Henry Ford, ship an Apple of Eden to Hitler, with which he would take control of Germany under the Nazi Party.[2]

The Templars maintained a close relationship with the Nazi Party, with Hitler effectively serving as their puppet.[2] Around 1938 to 1939, the Nazi Party recovered another Isu artifact, the Iron Man, during an expedition to Tibet.[3] In 1939, Hitler ignited the second World War,[2] and Abstergo Industries would work on several weapon designs for the Nazi Party in secret laboraties.[4]

By 1943, Hitler's Apple of Eden had been given to Obbergruppenführer Gero Kramer, who used the artifact in various experiments, including attempts to create an übermensch. In 1943, he used the artifact to develop a project called Die Glocke, with which he hoped to be able to recover more Pieces of Eden from the past. The project was ultimately thwarted by the Assassin Eddie Gorm. Later the same year, Kramer was killed by Gorm and Julia Dusk, who stole the Apple of Eden.[4]

By the same year, the Templars' control over Hitler had faded substantially, with Hitler becoming too erratic and powerful to control. The Templars discreetly reached out to the Assassin Brotherhood, specifically Boris Pash, to collaborate and use the Die Glocke project to travel back in time and kill Hitler. Eddie Gorm, feeling betrayed by the alliance with the Templars and Julia Dusk's death during her attempt to destroy the Apple, thwarted their attempt – which became known as the Philadelphia Project – by killing its lead scientist, Nikola Tesla. With Tesla dead, the project was ultimately a failure.[4]

By 1945, near the war's end, the Templars had managed to regain some control over Hitler. On 30 April 1945, the Templars planned for Hitler to kill his body double inside his Führerbunker, and later escape with a Piece of Eden and meet with a contact known as "C." However, as Hitler exited the bunker, he was killed by a member of the Assassin Brotherhood.[2]