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ACOD Naxos Villa

Naxos villa

The Naxos villa was a villa in Naxos on the Greek islan of the same name. During the Peloponnesian War, it served as the base of operations of Myrrine, the obligarch of the polis, and was where she regularly held her council meetings with her generals.


In 429 BCE, the villa was visited by the misthios Kassandra after learning of Myrrine's location from Aspasia. Arriving at the villa, she eavesdropped on a meeting held by Myrrine and her generals. As the meeting ended, Kassandra followed Myrrine to balcony, having a tearful reunion with her mother.[1]

Later, Myrrine and Kassandra met at the villa together with Aspasia, Timo, Euneas, and Hektor.[2]



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