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The banner of Naxos

Naxos Island is the largest of the Kyklades, located in the Aegean Sea of Greece. Its capital city is simply known as Naxos, or Chora, the Greek word for 'town'. The other notable settlement on the island is the village of Apollonas, born around the marble quarry.

The island was known for its white sandy beaches, emery, and its vast supply of pure white marble, which was highly sought after by sculptors and masons throughout Greece. In spite of this, during the 5th century BCE the construction of the island's own temple of Apollo was begun, but never completed.[1]



According to Greek mythology, the Naxos Island was the birthplace of the god Dionysos as well as the Aloadai, the giant sons of the god Poseidon and Iphimedeia. It was also on Naxos Island that the legendary hero Theseus abandoned the Kretan princess Ariadne, and where she subsequently died.[1]

Classical period

Some time prior to the Peloponnesian War, Myrrine, the daughter of King Leonidas I of Sparta, travelled to Naxos, where she became the island's obligarch.[1]


Naxos Island was made up of four regions:


  • The emblem of Naxos Island features a kantharos flanked by bunches of grapes. It references both wine, the main export of the island, as well as the island's general dedication to the god Dionysos.




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