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National Treasures was a visual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek meets the relic hunter Kanika and must help him recover one of Egypt's most ancient treasure before it falls into the hands of the Greek Soldiers.


While in the Swenett Outpost, Bayek found a man locked in a cage.

  • Kanika: Let me out you cockless hyenas! I must find it.
  • Bayek: What must you find?
  • Kanika: Who are you that asks me this?
  • Bayek: We can stand here trading questions or I can free you and help your cause.
  • Kanika: Then let us leave, before the treasure is lost for good.
ACO National Treasures 3

Bayek escorting Kanika to safety

Bayek unlocked the cage and freed the man, escorting him out of the outpost.

  • Kanika: Do you care about our history, seni?
  • Bayek: Bayek. I fight to defend it.
  • Kanika: I am Kanika, seeking a relic of great significance. It belongs in a temple.
  • Bayek: A worthy sentiment.
  • Kanika: The Papyrus of Pentju holds the key. I was haggling with the merchant for it. Then all was blackness and I awoke in a cell accused of his murder.
  • Bayek: With the Papyrus no-where to be found...
  • Kanika: You have a talent for deduction. But without the Pentju's words... nek, my only lead!
  • Bayek: Where were you ambushed?
  • Kanika: South of here near the mountain roads. Will you recover it, seni? I will go to the excavation site, if the soldiers find the treasure first, all is lost.

Kanika left the place and head to the excavation site.

  • Bayek: A stolen papyrus, a race to find a relic, my blood quickens.
ACO National Treasures 5

Bayek investigating the ambush site

Bayek travelled to the road where Kanika was ambushed. He found bodies and a pool of blood on the ground. He investigated one of the bodies.

  • Bayek: Stabbed in the chest. A senseless waste of life, but he fought back, against the thief?

He investigated a pile of dung on the ground.

  • Bayek: Horse dung but no horse. Now we know how our thief got away.

He investigated a blood trail.

  • Bayek: A Blood trail, someone is badly injured. He couldn't have gone far.
    Kanika needs that papyrus, so let's follow the thief.
ACO National Treasures 6

Bayek finding the deceased thief on his horse

Bayek followed the blood trails and found the thief, who died from his wounds, atop a horse. He retrieved the papyrus.

  • Bayek: Kanika will need to interpret this at the excavation site.

Bayek travelled to the outskirts of the excavation site.

  • Bayek: These damned soldiers. Sifting through the sands, razing our history.

Bayek approached Kanika outside the site.

  • Kanika: You found the papyrus? Who took it...? No, I don't care, the relic is all that matters. Hurry, they have doubled their efforts to secure it!

Bayek passed the papyrus to Kanika, who read it.

  • Kanika: No... it can't be... I hoped... but this is incredible! We must go, now, to the Cave of Endless Sorrows.
  • Bayek: Lead on, Kanika, I will deal with anyone that dares to defy us.
ACO National Treasures 8

Bayek and Kanika fighting through the camp

Bayek followed Kanika to the camp.

  • Kanika: A good job they are digging in the wrong place.
  • Bayek: You will know the relic when you see it?
  • Kanika: I will know.
  • Bayek: How much of a living can you make saving relics?
  • Kanika: For my shame, I made my money as a smuggler. I am paying off a great debt to Egypt.
  • Bayek: There is no one more righteous than a reformed thief.

Bayek and Kanika attacked the soldiers.

  • Kanika: You destroy our heritage, our past! We reclaim history a relic at a time. The Pharaohs treasures will not be plundered.

They eliminated the soldiers and continued inwards. They found a cave.

  • Kanika: This is the place. The Cave of Endless Sorrows!

They entered the cave and found a stash of treasures.

  • Kanika: Such beauties! Come see for yourself, Bayek.

Kanika digged the ground in search of an item. He unearthed a relic.

  • Kanika: It cannot be!
  • Bayek: You found it?
  • Kanika: Not it, Bayek. And beautiful they are. The gold hilts, the ba-en-pet blade... the lily and jackal-adorned sheathes.
  • Bayek: Daggers?
  • Kanika: More than daggers, the blades of the son of the Aten, Tutankhamun.
  • Bayek: A Pharaoh's weapons?
  • Kanika: The whereabouts of his tomb has been lost to the desert for centuries. Here, you must take them.
  • Bayek: I am no thief, Kanika!
ACO National Treasures 9

Kanika entrusting the daggers to Bayek

  • Kanika: Perhaps someday they can lie with the Pharaoh again. Until then they must be in the hands of one who truly serves Egypt.
  • Bayek: I will use them to exact punishment on the men who rape our history.
  • Kanika: That's the spirit! May their hilts never tarnish in your service, Bayek.

Kanika handed the daggers to Bayek.

  • Kanika: I will head to the Moon Curser Village. There are many smugglers there who need a history lesson.

Some time later, Bayek reunited with Kanika in the Moon Curser's Village.

  • Kanika: Bayek! My friend, have you sent many desecrators for judgement with the daggers of the boy king?
  • Bayek: They serve Egypt well.
  • Kanika: I am on the trail of another relic, some say it holds the power of the gods.
  • Bayek: An artifact such as that should never be found.


Bayek helped Kanika to retrieve an artifact, later revealed to an dagger belonging to Tutankhamun.



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