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The National Guard (French: La Garde nationale) was a French militia which existed from 1789 until 1872. It was separate from the French Army and existed both for policing and as a military reserve.

Founded in 1789 during the start of the French Revolution, the National Guard was initially led by the Marquis de Lafayette[1] and took part in several important events of the revolution, including the Storming of the Bastille [citation needed] and the Women's March on Versailles. [citation needed]

With the dechristianisation of France an official policy, the newly appointed National Guard, resplendent in iconic blue, white and red were formally established during a benediction in Notre-Dame. Later on, Notre Dame became an inglorious though temporary storage facility for the troops.[2]

On 10 August of 1792, the National Guard descended the Tuileries Palace while the royal family fled to safety, vastly outnumbering the 900 Swiss Guards in residence.[3]

On May 1793, François Hanriot was appointed Commander General of the Paris National Guard.[4]




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